Eva Claire performed once more in the "America's Got Talent" finals competition less than two weeks after the death of her father. Claire made a remarkable yet emotional rendition of "What a Wonderful World" on stage leaving some of the audience in tears. A report from Gossip Cop confirmed that Clair is one of the contestants who had the most memorable journey in the singing competition this season.

During her audition, she revealed that her father, Amos Dean Abplanalp, was battling from a colon cancer. However, their family was thankful when he survived his one-year life expectancy.

As days went by, his condition became worse. Despite the struggles, Claire continued to perform for the Judge Cuts, Quarter Finals, and Semi-Finals. The talented singer emotionally rendered her performance in honor of her father.

Semifinal performance

During her semifinal performance on "America's Got Talent," Claire's father was reported to be placed on a life support. Despite what happened, Claire continued to perform with her mother's blessing. On that very next day, it was learned that her father had passed away. His dad was surrounded by his wife, Claire, and her siblings during his death.

Amidst the sad news, Simon Cowell, one of the judges, wasn't sure whether or not Claire will continue the competition.

Cowell revealed that he will offer Claire the opportunity to return in the next season if she decides to withdraw from the competition today.

However, everyone was overwhelmed when her mother confirmed to her blog that her daughter will continue her journey on "America's Got Talent." She continued to do press together with her other co-finalist.

Her mom further shared that her daughter's upcoming song will be something special that is in honor of her dad.

Fighting to the end

Prior to her final performance, Claire shared on a taped video, “My dad taught me after I start something to always finish it." Her dad became her very reason to continue the competition until the end.

As she performed on stage, everyone from the audience applauded her on her performance. One of the judges admired Claire a lot for her strength despite her dad's demise.

Heidi Kulm told Claire how brave and an amazing singer she is. Claire's latest performance was indeed the best tribute that she rendered for her dad. Cowell, together with other judges, has respected the young talent for her courage and strength to perform again on stage.