Kevin Hart has been the latest victim of an online attack as an individual, who claimed to have videos of Hart, contacted the comedian. These videos were explicit in nature and revealed that Hart was not being faithful to his wife. Instead of paying this extortionist, what they asked for Hart owned up to his wrongdoings.

The actor was being extorted for money

According to Life And Style Magazine, comedian Kevin Hart released a video to the internet explaining the situation that he had suddenly found himself in. Hart explained that unknown individuals, who claimed that they had evidence that he cheated on his wife, were extorting him for money.

Hart did not deny the claims and instead publicly acknowledged his wrongdoings and apologized to his wife and children.

However, it appears that Hart's actions have caused major trouble in his marriage to Eniko Parrish as she is currently pregnant with Hart's child. In a report by Life and Style, a source has stated that Eniko does not want to get divorced from Kevin Hart, but at the same time, she is not going to let Kevin Hart make her into a public fool.

According to Gossip Cop, Hart is currently doing everything in his power to prevent the couple from splitting up. The source has revealed that Hart is desperate to keep him and Eniko together and that he has a lot to lose if Eniko decides to leave him.

Rumors are circulating about the couple's life

According to Gossip Cop, there are several rumors currently circulating about Kevin Hart's attempts to ensure Eniko Parrish does not leave him. Among these reports claim that Hart gave Eniko a $25,000 present, which has been revealed as a false report. As well as this, there is a rumor that Eniko is making her unfaithful husband check in every hour of the day.

This is evidence of another fake news report that is being shared across the internet. While the couple is currently struggling under the revelation that Hart cheated on Eniko, these rumors are a complete fabrication. Eniko Parrish has not released a statement about her feelings towards Kevin Hart's actions. Fans are desperate to know how this scandal will affect the pair's marriage.

According to Life and Style Magazine, Kevin Hart is attempting to try and prove to his wife that he knows he made a mistake. The comedian has stated that he is willing to spend five days a week with his wife and their baby, once he or she is born, and work solely on the weekends.

Fans were shocked to hear that Kevin Hart cheated on his wife, especially as she is currently pregnant with their child. However, it appears that Hart is trying everything he can to keep their marriage together.