Nextflix latest film, "Our Souls At Night" starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda is worth watching. The two stars shine as they play Louis Waters and Addie Moore who are two lonely next door neighbors. Addie, a widow, has a brilliant idea for Louis, a widower. Because of Addie's suggestion, they get together for comfort and companionship only at night. Their plan might seem unconventional at first, but their night visits turned into a relationship they never expected.

The film, released on Netflix on September 29, 2017, is based on the book bearing the same name written by the late Kent Haruf.

The author died at the age of 71 before his book was in print. He knew he was dying, and he had a goal of writing a chapter a day. In 45 days, his book was completed while it had taken up to six years for Haruf to write some of his other bestsellers. His wife, Cathy, said her husband had told her he was going to write a book about them and their time together. Therefore, he used his own marriage as an inspiration for the book.


Having two well-known veteran movie stars playing the roles of two lonely people gives the movie credibility, authenticity and warmth. "Our Souls at Night" is a love story about a lonely man and woman who decided to be together even though others couldn't understand their motives.

The 101-minute movie brings out many themes that viewers can relate to. Other than love being among the main themes, comfort and companionship are also high on the list.

Because of Addie and Louis' decision to let their souls connect at night, they did receive negative criticisms and judgment from those in their small town.

However, they did not let anything stand in their way of having what they felt was simply an innocent relationship.

Not the first time

Redford, 81, and Fonda, 79, have great chemistry no matter which movie they star in together. "Our Souls at Night" is not the first time they have had leading roles in a movie, and it is not their first romantic film together.

Over a 51-year time period, this is their fourth movie together. In 1966, they starred in "The Chase." In 1967, they had starring roles in "Barefoot in the Park." In 1979, they were in "The Electric Horseman." Now in 2017, they are back together again.

During an interview with Redford and Fonda when they were promoting the Netflix film, Fonda pointed out some similarity between her current film and "Barefoot in the Park." She jokingly said she wished the love scenes in the Netflix movie had been as long as those were in their 1967 film when they were much younger. She concluded that Redford is still a good kisser.

When you get a chance, watch "Our Souls at Night" on Netflix.