Former Disney Channel star, Bella Thorne, has tried her hand at the modeling industry. The actor who is best known for her role in the former Disney Channel show "Shake It Up" has been making waves as she moved on from her childhood career at Disney. Bella Thorne recently revealed that she took part in a nude photo shoot for GQ's Mexican magazine.

The star posed for GQ Mexico

According to the Insider, actor Bella Thorne agreed to a photo shoot for GQ's Mexican Magazine. Thorne embraced her half-Cuban heritage as she modeled naked for the magazine.

The actor shared some pictures from the shoot on her Instagram account and fans were shocked that she was brave enough to model nude. Thorne has confirmed that she will be featuring in the 2017 October issue of the magazine.

This is not the first time that Thorne has caused some controversy about her decisions in the industry. The actor has been known to be outspoken and has been responsible for some heated online debates in the past. Thorne admitted to wanting to start an online conversation about people's insecurities and that this was one reason why she agreed to the shoot.

Thorne explained her decision

According to E! News, Bella Thorne opened up about her decision not to have her photographs retouched.

The actor stated that she specifically asked for no retouching or Photoshop to be used for her photographs and that this was not a decision that she made lightly. Thorne explained that she has insecurities just as everyone else does but that she decided to embrace being imperfect and human.

Thorne recognized that some fans might say negative things about her decision and that she is well aware of the comparisons that her fans tend to make when talking about her being perfect.

However, Thorne stated that she is not perfect and that this is one of the reasons she asked for no alterations to her photographs. She wanted to close that divide between herself and her fans by showing them her imperfections and revealing her insecurities to them.

According to the Insider, Bella Thorne took this moment to reach out to her fans and encourage them to feel comfortable in their own skin.

The actor stated that it is completely normal to feel insecure about certain things and she hopes that people will reach a stage where they are comfortable talking about their insecurities.

Bella Thorne takes her job as a role model very seriously and wanted to leave her fans with a poignant message about self-acceptance. The actor has been praised for her decision to broach this topic with her fan base.