Season two of the hit TV series "Riverdale" returned earlier this year in October 2017. Season two picked up immediately where season one left off with the shooting at Pops. As the season has developed, the character of the Black Hood has revealed themselves to be the culprit of the shooting and of a series of murders throughout Riverdale. Fans have revealed their theories on who they think the Black Hood is.

The killer has revealed their obsession with Betty

According to NME, fans have recently been releasing their fan theories about who the serial killer is in "Riverdale." In the latest episode, the killer reached out to Betty and told her they do not want to share her with anyone else.

In a report by Glamour, this has led to the belief that Kevin is the killer who has been unleashed in "Riverdale."

In a report by Elite Daily, it has been confirmed that Kevin and Betty were best friends before Veronica Lodge came rolling into town. This affirms the belief that Kevin is the killer, as the first person The Black Hood gets Betty to cut out of her life is Veronica herself. The relationship between Betty and Kevin has been estranged for much of this season since an argument erupted between them about Kevin going out into the woods alone.

Interestingly, nothing happened to Kevin and he was the person who found Moose and his friend in the woods. In a report by Glamour, the fact that Betty and Kevin have been friends since childhood has also been confirmed.

This would explain how the Black Hood knew to use the cipher from the Nancy Drew stories Betty used to read as a child.

The relationship was back on track when the killer made contact

According to Elite Daily, another fact that fans have brought up is that Kevin forgave Betty for their falling out on the same day she received a letter from the Black Hood.

When Betty refuses to bring the letter to the police Kevin does not push her and in the following episode he does not check in on his supposed best friend.

In a report by NME, fans are said to believe that Betty could turn dark because of the trauma caused by the Black Hood. This would create a strong relationship between Kevin and Betty if he were the killer, which might be just what the sheriff's son is after.

The showrunner of "Riverdale" has also teased that Kevin will have a much bigger role in season two than he did in season one. Fans are certain that it is Kevin who is sending the letters and making the phone calls but will have to wait to find out for definite.