Kelly Clarkson has seen a return to the music industry. The singer has been working on new music and is nearly ready to release her newest album. However, Clarkson has found herself to be the latest target of false reports. There have been several reports circulating the internet which discuss the singer's mental health and weight. Clarkson took to social media to clear up the confusion surrounding these issues and has verified what is true.

Conflicting reports about the singer

According to CNN Entertainment, singer Kelly Clarkson has opened up about the issues she has faced surrounding her weight.

The singer revealed that there is a huge amount of pressure being put on performers to look skinny. She claimed that she was crumbling under this pressure and that it was severely affecting her mental health. Clarkson revealed she would spend her spare time at the gym working out and that she would always have bruises and scrapes from her work out regimes.

In a report by Time Magazine, Clarkson revealed that her mental health crumbled under the immense pressure. CNN Entertainment reported that when she was at her skinniest in life she wanted to kill herself. There are claims that the pressure got to her and that the only way she thought she could escape it was to commit suicide. She stated that she was depressed and miserable for four years.

During that time, no one came forward to help her as she looked the part necessary for the entertainment industry.

Clarkson addresses these claims

According to Time Magazine, Kelly Clarkson has tackled these claims made about her. She has revealed that she was miserable but that this was not because she was thin. She stated that her declining mental health led to her becoming skinnier and that it was not her weight which caused her mental problems.

The singer also revealed that she never contemplated suicide.

Zimbio reported that Kelly Clarkson tweeted out her responses to these false reports. She stated that the reports took what she said and twisted it. The singer revealed that she was miserable and no one noticed. Clarkson never said anything about wanting to end her life and it was important for her to clear this up with her fans.

This is not the first time that the singer has had to discuss her weight online. Over the years, there have been several reports and articles about the Clarkson's weight and speculation as to her weight loss and gain. The singer is currently doing much better both physically and mentally and is set to release her new album titled "Meaning of Life" soon.

Clarkson has shown her fans that she is completely comfortable in her own body. When she was attacked by fans in the summer of 2017, she brushed the comments off.