Justin Bieber has been receiving major criticism for some of his actions of late concerning his friend Floyd Mayweather. The celebrities allegedly had a difference of opinions and are no longer friends. However, it appears that the media has blown this out of proportion. While it is unknown as to whether they are hanging out again, both Floyd and Bieber have claimed they have nothing but respect for one another.

The singer created distance between himself and Floyd

According to Yahoo Music, Floyd Mayweather has revealed that Justin Bieber began to create distance between the pair before his match with Conor McGregor.

Justin decided to unfollow Mayweather on Instagram and allegedly stated that he did not believe that Floyd would be able to defeat Mayweather.

In a report by TMZ Sports Mayweather was furious by these actions and stated that Justin Bieber was a traitor for what he had done. The celebrity was not impressed with Bieber's actions and news of the feud between the former friend spread quickly around the internet.

When Mayweather was asked out the feud with Justin Bieber he stated that there were no negative feelings between the pair. However, it appears that Floyd was simply trying to divert attention from the fight as he went on to state that he does not associate with people who say negative things about him.

Fans are unsure where this leaves Mayweather and Bieber.

Bieber claims that he was trying to create boundaries

According to Billboard, singer Justin Bieber has explained that he was simply trying to create boundaries by unfollowing Mayweather on Instagram. Bieber has come forward with a statement about the feud between the pair of former friends.

He claimed that he has no bad feelings towards Mayweather and understands where he was coming from.

The singer then stated that he believes that he and Mayweather are in very different places in their lives. Justin Bieber claims that he did not mean to offend Mayweather and that he was simply creating some boundaries between the pair.

Bieber has claimed that Floyd is still his friend and that he is going to have to reach out to him.

It appears that the media has blown the argument between the friends out of proportion as Floyd has stated that he has no negative feelings towards Justin Bieber. He stated that he understands that Bieber is very focused on the Church and his music right now. Mayweather then revealed that he has nothing but respect for his friend.

It appears that the pair of friends has had an argument however; it is not as explosive as the media is making it out to be. Both the celebrities have made it very clear that they have respect and love for one another.