Sophie Turner has revealed that she and her boyfriend Joe Jonas have adopted a husky puppy together. The couple has shared this news through social media and have uploaded pictures of their new addition. It appears that Turner and Jonas are very much in love and have decided to take their relationship to the next level by co-parenting their puppy.

The pair have been dating since December

According to Elle, "Game of Thrones" actor Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have been seeing each other since December 2016. The pair has recently come forward about their relationship and Turner confessed that she had had a crush on Joe for a long time.

Fans were delighted to see the couple together as they are very much in love.

In a report by MTV, a source has stated that Joe Jonas is taking his new relationship with Sophie Turner very serious. The singer has a reputation for being a player as he had been connected to numerous women in the past. However, it appears that the "DNCE" singer is ready to settle down. Their decision to get a dog likely came from Turner as the husky breed have been likened to the dire wolves from the "Game of Thrones" universe.

The couple has managed to keep out of the public's eyes for a long time. They have shared pictures of one another on each other's social media accounts however; they have remained under the radar for the past few months.

The newest addition to the couple has meant that fans get a greater insight into the celebrities’ lives.

The husky puppy already has his own Instagram account

According to Elle, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have set up an Instagram account exclusively for their new husky puppy. They have revealed that the puppy's name is Porky Basquiat.

The adorable husky already has five photographs on his Instagram account, which shows him being cuddled by both Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

Porky has been pictured in front of a private jet and meeting the other band members of "DNCE." Jonas and Turned have uploaded the cutest pictures of their new puppy showing him on Joe's lap on a private jet.

Fans have already fallen in love with Porky and his beautiful blue eyes.

Recently Sophie Turner's co-star Peter Dinklage has come forward and stated that there are many "Game of Thrones" fans buying Huskies only to abandon them. One has to wonder if it was the best decision for Turner to pick a husky as her ideal pet as fans are sure to want to follow in the star's footsteps.

Fans are looking forward to seeing Porky's adventures with Jonas and Turner. The couple has certainly taken things to the next level by adopting a baby husky together.