On "The Young and the Restless," both Victoria and Lily need to take a stand. They have children who are being affected by the drama that is engulfing their personal lives. There are also three women in genoa city, who need to take a break from causing problems that trickle down to the sons and daughters of the people they have targeted.

Phyllis is ruthless and there is no sign she will change

Phyllis should never have had an affair with Billy while married to his brother Jack. They broke up but got back together, and she is now also working with Jack on behalf of Fenmores.

Unfortunately, the brothers continue to try to take each other down, and Phyllis is in the eye of the storm. She sees the bond Billy has with Victoria and the children, yet Ms. Summers-Newman-Abbot is determined to get her man by any means necessary.

She has told many people in Genoa City that she will fight tooth and nail to keep Victoria away from her ex-husband, even if she has to destroy "Brash and Sassy" in the process. The only person in town who fuels this fire is Hilary Curtis. She encourages Phyllis to go after her man. Everyone else including Lauren and Michael tells Phyllis to stop before she gets burned.

Juliet is naive but continues to manipulate Lily's family

Juliet initiated the sexual harassment lawsuit because Hilary convinced her to and even implied she might have a shot with Cane.

Now that Lily kicked him out, Hilary is afraid that Jordan will hook up with Mrs. Ashby. She has flipped the script by telling Juliet that Cane is not going to leave Lily and her children to play house with her and the baby she is carrying. Hilary set all this up, and Ms. Helton went along with no thought about Mattie and Charlie.

The Ashby twins are suffering big time because their dad moved out and Jordan is spending so much time with their mom. Juliet tries to appear naive and even told them that she planned none of this and did not want to hurt them. Still, she expects Cane to be there for her and his son whom she is carrying. Whatever her motive in choosing to have unprotected sex with Cane Ashby, Juliet Helton in part has caused upheaval with his wife Lily and their children.

Hurricane Hilary is manipulating both Juilet and Phyllis

Hilary enjoys seeing Lily suffer because her former sister in law never lets Ms. Curtis forget her mistakes. Because she encouraged Juliet to sue "Brash and Sassy," Cane lost his job and their one night stand became public. This caused Lily to be a single mom and the twins to be concerned about their future. Now Hilary is whispering in the ear of Phyllis with no regard to Johnny, Katherine or Reed.

Because of the lawsuit, Victoria fired Cane, and he has continued to undermine her every since. The friction between these two has caused them both to tell their children Reed and Mattie not to date each other. Unknown to either of them or Lily, Reed and Mattie still see each other.

Hilary saw the young teens kissing and promised to keep their secret. Viewers of "The Young and the Restless" realize that she will tell all as soon as it suits her selfish purpose. And she does not care how her actions will affect these teens.Victoria and Lily both have good instincts and need to listen to them. It's time they stood to these three conniving women who will throw even their children under the bus.