"The Young and the Restless" has not been making it clear lately as to which couples are headed for disaster and which ones will remain solid. This is especially true when it comes to "Villy" and "Philly." Recent events, however, seem to be laying the ground work that will leave Billy and Phyllis without a leg to stand on but may cause Mr. Abbott's relationship with his ex-wife to emerge as solid.

Phyllis is fighting like a caged animal

During the past few weeks, Phyllis has cried on the shoulder of anyone who would listen to her tale of woe. She has been painting Victoria as a barracuda who is trying to steal her man.One night Phyllis interrupted a romantic evening between The Baldwins.

She told them she wishes she could wipe Victoria Newman's company from the face of the earth. Michael said that he had not noticed anything more than a business relationship between "Villy," and Lauren told her friend not to get ahead of herself.

Phyllis plots with Jack to find ways to take "Brash and Sassy" down believing this will give Billy freedom to spend more time with her. Ms. Summers-Newman-Abbott has even confided her worries regarding Victoria to Hilary who cannot even manage her own love life. On Monday, she tried to get Lauren to show favoritism to Jabot products hoping that a drop in sales would shut down the company where her lover works.

Lauren was troubled and told her best friend that she would not do anything to deter "Brash and Sassy" sales.

She also gave a warning that if Phyllis did not stop trying to destroy Victoria it was not going to end well for her. Of course, the advice was not heeded because Phyllis is fighting like a caged animal.

The deception grows between 'Philly'

Phyllis told Billy last week that Lauren had the final say and was not going to allow Jack to push "Brash and Sassy" products off the shelves at Fenmores.

Billy is not aware that his lover is plotting behind his back to ensure he never works for Victoria again. Phyllis does not know that he used her Jabot issued computer to find out what Jack was planning against him and Vicky. In the midst of all of this, 'Villy' seems to be growing closer to one another.

Billy said on Monday that he would use the computer again to stay ahead of his brother.

Phyllis does not realize that her man passionately kissed his ex-wife and was thinking about it several times when he was with her. Billy also paid workers from a temp agency $100.00 to purchase "Brash and Sassy" products which inflated their sales numbers. A day will come when all these secrets will be revealed and "Philly" more than likely will be history. There are too many secrets, and so much deception for them to survive.