On "The Young and the Restless," it used to be that Victor Newman was always on top of things in genoa city. He seems, however, to have let his guard down recently where his granddaughter's business associate is concerned. Zack is working side by side with Abby and also running an illegal sex trafficking ring.

The Newman patriarch's instincts are off

Victor has a lot on his plate right now because Niki moved out, and he forced Nick to leave the ranch. He is concerned with Victoria's issues at "Brash and Sassy" and also continuing to run "Newman Enterprises." He is allowing Zack to work with Abby and also date her without raising an eyebrow.

Victor's usually sharp instincts did not kick in and he has no idea that Zack is the head of a sex trafficking ring in Genoa City.

Zack appears to be a tech savvy businessman working with the granddaughter of the most powerful man in Genoa City. Right under Victor's nose, he is promoting prostitution, and one of his girls is Tessa's sister Crystal. Tessa worked in Victor's home as Nikki's assistant and is dating their grandson Noah. Tessa is beginning to open up about her sibling but no one has any idea of Zack's part in it.

Victor's instincts are not as sharp in this situation as they should be, but once the truth unfolds Zack will be in deep trouble. The Newman patriarch will not take kindly to a prostitution ring associated with one of his employees.

He will also take his granddaughter to task for bringing this unsavory character into the family business.

The prostitution ring is not big with Young and Restless fans

Spoiler alerts indicate that the storyline regarding the prostitution ring is not popular with fans of "The Young and the Restless." One reason is that all the people involved in it are new characters.

Tessa, Zack, and Crystal do not have any real ties to Genoa City residents. Alice, who is working with Zack, was the adopted mother of Mariah's twin Cassie and has Nick and Sharon both semi involved, but there is no staying power to this storyline.

Viewers do not need spoilers to predict how this will all play out. The connection between Alice and Zack will be found out, and they will probably be arrested.

Crystal will be saved and reunited with Tessa. Abby will be devastated and Victor will be on the warpath, and possibly fire his granddaughter. Sharon and Scott who are secretly working to expose the sex trafficking ring will somehow be hero's and Nick will have to admit his ex-wife was right about Alice all along. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 12:30 pm. to find out how all of this goes down in Genoa City.