Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth admitted that they didn't take the Duggar courting rules by heart. When the pair was still dating, they violated multiple rules from Jim Bob Duggar's courtship guidelines. Prior to Joy-Anna and Austin, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo were also reported to have violated the rules. It seemed that the younger Duggar ladies couldn't say no to their men or perhaps they are not that strong enough to resist the temptation of being together and getting physical with their boyfriends.

Joy-Anna and Austin breaks Duggar courtship rules

In this week's episode of "Counting On," Joy-Anna and Austin confessed that they did not follow the rule that stated that they should have chaperon when they hang out with each other. They also did not stick on the recommended side hugs, Cafe Mom reported. Austin admitted that there was a time when they broke the curfew because they were talking outside for too long. Also, they hugged for longer than three seconds on occasion which again, violates the limited contact from the Duggar courting rules.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are strict when it comes to their "19 Kids and Counting" brood. The couple wanted to keep their children away from temptation, so as much as possible, they discouraged their children from getting physical with their boyfriends or girlfriends while courting.

In this way, the Duggars matriarch and patriarch can keep their kids from engaging in premarital sex. They believed that by limiting physical contact, their children are away from doing it.

Joy-Anna and Austin are initially set to marry in October, but their wedding date was moved last May. Just months after walking down the aisle the pair announced that they are expecting.

This has prompted some “Counting On” fans to speculate that the couple had a shotgun wedding and that Joy-Anna was already pregnant on her big day.

Is Joy-Anna following her sister Jinger Duggar's choices?

Many considered Jinger to be the most rebellious Duggar. In fact, when she left her family and moved with her husband Jeremy Vuolo in Texas, she shocked fans by wearing shorts and tight pants.

Jinger has been photographed violating the Duggar dress code where ladies are limited to wearing skirts. She was not shy about it because she was spotted wearing shorts and pants on several occasions. Some are posted on her Instagram.

Some “Counting On” fans are now wondering if Joy-Anna will follow the footsteps of her sister, Jinger. Will she wear shorts and tights pants too in the future? It seemed that it is unlikely for her to do so while she is living near her parents. But who knows what the future holds?

Do you think Joy-Anna will also wear shorts and pants in the future? Is she already pregnant on her wedding day?