Hugh Hefner is an American icon who first introduced the "Playboy" magazine to the world. At the age of 91, Hefner died at his home in Beverly Hills, California, on Wednesday. His death was officially announced by the "Playboy" Enterprises. Everyone was saddened as the man who introduced the popular Magazine to the world, passed away.

The E! News reported that he died due to a natural cause and he was surrounded by his loved ones during his death. In an official statement released by his company, it says, "Hef, passed away at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles' Holmby Hills neighborhood."

First issue of 'Playboy' magazine

Hefner had put together his first issue of the "Playboy" magazine at home and it first hit the newsstand back in December 1953.

His first published magazine featured an old nude photo of the sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe and the issue sold more than 50,000 copies.

It was during those times when his publishing house was born. His original "Playboy" mansion was first situated in Chicago and it became his first empire. His mansion is the place where he left his ultimate legacy to the family.

All the while, different celebrities became part of his popular magazine. While the founder knew that those nude photos would be paid with bills, Hefner had always had lofty ideas in terms of publishing his flagship magazine.

In one of his interviews, the "Playboy" founder added that he had always thought from the beginning that his magazine would become popular.

Apart from those nude photos, his magazine has installed a one-of-kind of art to its readers.

Hefner's point of view

In one of his interviews with CNN, the famous founder told reporters that he wanted to be remembered as somebody who has changed the world.

He concluded his statement by saying, "I am a kid who dreamed the dreams and made them come true."

Despite the critics calling him as a relic of a sexist era, Hefner continued his work of publishing these magazines in the "Playboy" mansion. Apparently, most men envied his kind of lifestyle. In 2011, he also told the Hollywood Reporter that all his folks were raised well and were very good people.

He added that kissing and hugging were not allowed in his home.

When he started his magazine, "Playboy" became an instant success. He was able to give more jobs to more women because he posted nude and semi-nude photos in his magazine. While others claimed him to be a sexist, Hefner had always thought of "Playboy" as a lifestyle publication with sex as a vital ingredient, CNN reported.