Jinger Duggar is good in breaking the Duggar Family rules. This time she shocked the “19 Kids and Counting” fans when she stepped out with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo wearing tight pants.

Jinger Duggar continues to break family rules

The Duggars are very conservative. Girls are only allowed to wear skirts and long dresses. Meanwhile, the kids are not allowed to hug and kiss when they start dating because their parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar fear that too much physical contact might lead them to sin considering that there are already too many cases of premarital sex.

However, they are allowed to do side hugs.

One time her sister Jessa shared a photo of Jinger and Vuolo hugging. They were already engaged at the time and were at the airport because Vuolo was going home in Texas. Jinger was sad as they would be away from each other. However, a number of “Counting On” fans reacted to the said photo as they complained that the lovers were not side-hugging and stressed that they violated the Duggars' dating rules.

When Jinger and Vuolo got married, she moved with him to Texas. One time she stepped out with him and another woman wearing a knee-length short. A surprised fan even shared a snapshot on Twitter with the caption, “OMG! A Duggar girl is wearing shorts!

However, the controversy that sprang due to her wearing shorts seemed to not affect Jinger at all as she stepped out wearing another controversial get up.

In one photo shared by The Hollywood Gossip, she was spotted wearing tight pants and high heels. Sure enough, Jinger knows how to dress. Also, if you check out her Instagram, you will know that Jinger has been wearing pants even if she is with her sisters.

Many are now wondering about Jim Bob and Michelle’s reaction on Jinger’s choice of clothing.

It is cleared that she violated the Duggars’ dress code. Based on the photos where Jinger wore pants with sisters Jessa and Jana, it seemed that her two older sisters who wore skirts didn’t mind it. However, there were also reports claiming that this issue caused Jessa and Jinger's feuding. Are the Duggars' matriarch and patriarch supportive of Jinger’s manner of dressing?

Well, we can’t tell until Jim Bob and Michelle give a statement concerning this.

The Duggars have modesty rules

Jim Bob and Michelle are very strict when it comes to their children’s manner of dressing. In fact, while most celebrities wear bikinis and trunks when on the beach, don’t expect the “19 Kids and Counting” brood to do the same. When they are in the waters, they wear full-body swimsuits by WholesomeWear to cover them and protect them from sinful eyes.

Jana, the oldest daughter of the Duggar family, explained that they do so because they want to remain modest. She added that a lot of swimwear is revealing that it exposes body parts that should not be exposed in the first place.

What do you think is Jim Bob and Michelle’s reaction on Jinger wearing pants? Were they proud or ashamed of their daughter’s choice? Stay tuned for more updates about the Duggars.