Jana Duggar the eldest lady in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's "19 Kids and Counting" brood remains single for the longest time. She has witnessed four younger sisters, Jill Duggar, Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar and Joy-Anna Duggar walked down the aisle and fans are already keen on waiting for her time to be in her wedding dress. There are speculations that Jana is already courting with a man named Caleb Williams who has been spotted in the Duggar Family photos recently. Is Jana the next Duggar to wed?

Are Jana Duggar and Caleb Williams dating?

Jana who has been rumored to be taking a major role in the Duggar household is single.

According to reports, she has been doing a lot for her family. In fact, she has been babysitting Josh Duggar’s kids and pregnant wife, Anna. Since Jana is very good at household chores, many are looking forward to seeing her starting her own family. That might not take long if rumors are true that Jana is already courting.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, there are rumors that Jana is already courting. She is romantically linked to Williams who has been popping up in the Duggar family photos lately. "Counting On" fans are quick to conclude that he is the new man in Jana's life. Although the pair never confirmed their courtship. May believe that Jana and Caleb are already in the talking phase.

The Duggars usually do this before announcing that another member is courting.

Meanwhile, some fans identified Williams as a church friend of the Duggars. Williams who was bashed after his undergarment showed up in the photo addressed the issue. According to him, he was unaware that his boxers showed up in the snap. He promised to check the integrity of his outer garments next time before any photos are snapped and shared.

Why is Jana still single and unmarried?

Jana has been rumored to be courting, but it was not confirmed. However, there have been talks that Jana has received courting offers, but she was not interested in it. Among the men who have been linked to the lady who has been dubbed as the Cinderella Duggar is her longtime friend Jonathan Hartono.

The latter has reportedly asked Jim Bob's permission to court his eldest daughter. Many were convinced that it was the friendship that turned to be romance for Jana and Jonathan. But it seemed not to succeed because she remains single. In addition to this, she is the lone adult female left at home if she gets married soon none will take over the chores she has been doing for the family as Johana, her next single sister, is only a pre-teen.

Do you believe that Jana and Caleb are courting? If so, what will happen to the Duggar household without her who was dubbed as the Cinderella Duggar?