Jana Duggar is finally courting. Or at least that's what insiders have to say about the eldest Duggar daughter. Earlier this week, Radar Online reported that Jonathan Hartono, a long-time friend of the Duggar Family, asked Jim Bob, permission to court Jana.

Could it be that Jana finally found Mr. Right, and it's someone who she has known for years? Jonathan Hartono goes to college in Florida and has reportedly spent plenty of time around the Duggars. Reports indicate that he's stayed at the Duggar's house in the past so it's clear that this supposed courtship started with a friendship that finally evolved into a romance.

Well, as much romance as you can have when you're courting a Duggar. The family rules state that side-hugging is the closest you can get when you court one of the Duggar girls. No kissing, no frontal contact, and, of course, no sex until after you tie the knot.

Jana in constant contact with Jonathan

Jonathan has been busy working on his college degree but it seems that he's been working on his relationship with Jana as well. The Hollywood Gossip reports that Jana and Jonathan have been in "constant contact," although they live miles apart.

Unmarried, female Duggars can't use social media to keep in contact but they can text. However, there have been multiple reports in the past that Jim Bob Duggar is able to read the texts, so it's not clear if this is how Jana and Jonathan kept in touch.

Jonathan and the Duggars go way back

Although this is not confirmed, it is rumored that Jonathan was matched with the Duggars because they were his host family during college breaks. Jonathan hails from Indonesia where his parents still live. He has been in the U.S. for college and, during his school breaks, the program matched him with a host family so he would have a place to stay while dorms were closed.

That host family is apparently the Duggars. Radar states that Jonathan and his sister "often stayed with the Duggars" during holidays and summer break.

So, of all for rumors about Jana and Jonathan's courtship are true, it appears that spending time with the Duggar family has paid off for Jana. If the friendship-turned-courtship was approved by Jana's father, Jim Bob Duggar, then it won't be long before the couple makes an official announcement.

And that means fans could soon see another Duggar wedding on the family's reality TV show, "Jill and Jessa: Counting On" on TLC.

Do you think Jana and Jonathan are courting or is this just a rumor?