Jana Duggar doesn't do a lot of talking. She has given only a few interviews in her adult life that aren't connected to the Duggar reality show. Mostly, she talks to the network and films her comments for "Counting On." Because things are taped so far in advance, a lot of times the interviews are older. Jana Duggar is often criticized for her life choices and now that a new interview has been released, those critics are back to tease her more.

What did Jana say?

The comments Jana Duggar made were from 2016. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jana mentioned that she was looking forward to Jessa Duggar having her second child because she will be present for the event.

Many critics jumped into criticize the biggest thing this year had to offer Jana was Jessa having her second child. Many people urged her to get out more and learn what real life was all about.

There has been a lot of talk of a Sibling Rivalry between Jana and Jessa Duggar. The two have often gotten snippy with one another on the show over various things about decorating. Jana has a huge eye for interior design and that seems to be what she plans to do in the future. Jessa has commented about different things she does agree with as far as taste. The two were definitely in a disagreement over how Jill Duggar's house should be decorated upon her arrival back from Central America.

That dispute was caught on "Counting On."

Cinderella Duggar

If you follow the Duggars, Jana Duggar being dubbed "Cinderella" is nothing new. She is the oldest female child at home and has yet to even court while all of her younger, adult sisters have been married or are engaged. Speculation has been that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar keep her busy at home and rely heavily on her to keep up with the chores and babysitting of the younger children.

Jana is also one who chaperones the courting dates with her siblings.

There has been some talk about Jana Duggar having courting offers but none that she was interested in. She is waiting for the right one and believes when the time is right, he will reveal himself. Talk of sibling rivalry has been heavy, especially since Jana will be the only adult female left in the home.

Her next sister, Johana is still a pre-teen. Fans have been wondering who will help with the chores with everyone out of the Duggar compound. For now, Jana is content at home with her family and looking forward to future moments with her sisters and their children.