george clooney quickly slammed rumors that he will run for the 2020 presidential elections. In fact, he is not fond seeing celebrities opting for the highest seat in the country.

amal clooney’s husband even believes that Donald Trump can never influence other celebrities to run for the presidency. From the looks of it, he is not even a fan of Trump’s leadership.

Does Clooney aspire to be the next president?

“I think the current president is proving that just simply being a celebrity is not the best version for being president,” George Clooney said at the Toronto International Film Festival (via Entertainment Weekly) for the premiere of “Suburbicon,” the movie he produced, directed, and co-written with Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, and Grant Heslov.

Regarding his alleged interest to run as the U.S. president, the father-of-two stated that he will never run for the office in the next presidential election.

For the “ER” actor, there are more people out there who are more qualified to be the next leader of the country than him. He thinks that some are talking about the possibility of it because of the nation’s stand today.

It doesn’t seem very exciting,” he said. So, he is just going to help anyone by doing fundraising activities and stuff that he is good at rather than making policies. He then said that he will just find a new presidential hopeful that will excite the voters and that shouldn’t be him.

Eliminating the idea of needing a famous president

George Clooney also told Variety that as the U.S. already has a celebrity president, he assumes that it will eliminate the people’s need to have another famous leader in the office.

“Maybe we’ll find someone who knows how to make policy," he continued to say.

He even called for unity this time as he said that these are the moments when people should come together to support each other.

He even addressed the difference of the organizations in the country. Black Lives Matter is calling for racial equality while the KKK and the alt-right are protesting for racial supremacy.

You cannot balance those two—period," he insisted. And for him, to see that happening in the U.S. is clearly disappointing and gutting.

To make things light, his “Suburbicon” star Julianne Moore even agreed with Clooney that celebrities shouldn’t be president. She then turned to him and apologized for admitting that he will never have her vote.

I’m sorry, George,” she said.