Jenelle Evans has been keeping a low profile over the past couple of days as stories have surfaced about her daughter, Ensley. These rumors claim that Ensley was born with THC in her blood, which means she was born with an ingredient from marijuana in her body. Even though Evans has told her "Teen Mom 2" fans that she's not addicted to drugs and she didn't do drugs during her pregnancy, the blood test is telling a different story. Fans have been waiting for Jenelle to share her side of the story, as she hasn't said anything about the situation.

It is possible that the story is indeed true and Evans is planning on her rebuttal. It's also possible that the story is false and she's planning on shutting it down.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she's planning on speaking out soon about her situation. It sounds like Jenelle has every intention of sharing her side of the story and she recently revealed that she will share the truth soon. Perhaps she's referring to an episode of "Teen Mom 2," where fans can see for themselves what she's been dealing with.

Planning to dish her side

Even though Jenelle Evans hasn't shared her side of the story, it sounds like she will soon speak out about various rumors she's been facing.

Not only have fans learned that Ensley was born with THC in her blood, but her son Kaiser has also been spotted with a severe sunburn. As for Jenelle, she just wants fans to know that she is planning on breaking her silence soon.

David Eason hasn't said much about their situation, but it sounds like he doesn't want to deal with this drama.

If Ensley was indeed born with THC in her blood, David must have known that Jenelle Evans was smoking pot during her pregnancy. It's possible he was smoking with her.

Kept away from MTV show

The story about Ensley's positive THC test surfaced on the internet after Nathan Griffith's mother told the courts that Ensley had been positive at the time of birth.

She had filed an emergency custody hearing to get Kaiser out of the home because of his revelation. Apparently, Child Protective Services stepped in and did an investigation after this came out, but Evans never talked about it on "Teen Mom 2." She supposedly wanted the producers to keep all legal matters away from the show, including this drama.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' tweet about the truth? Do you think she's talking about the custody drama being filmed for "Teen Mom 2," as Nathan's mother filed for emergency custody?