"General Hospital" spoilers straight from Entertainment Weekly confirm what most fans already know. Steve Burton is patient six, the mystery man in the black mask at the Russian clinic. On tomorrow's "GH" episode, Burton will slide off his sunglasses and we will see the handsome and deeply troubled blue eyes of Jason Morgan. Ava (Maura West) is intensely curious about the guy but even when she sees the face of patient 6, she won't know who he is since the man with that face died before she came to Port Charles.

It's confirmed -- Burton is back

We all knew Steve Burton was set to debut on the Tuesday, September 19 episode of "GH" but there were no details.

Even as recently as tonight, many fans were debating on social media whether it was Jason, Morgan, or Nikolas that was behind the mask. It's silly to think that "General Hospital" would go to the trouble to sign Steve Burton to a multi-year contract only to have him play Nikolas Cassadine or Morgan Corinthos. His age is wrong for both parts and it doesn't make sense. He's a Quartermaine -- but whether he's the original Jason or a twin is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, as Burton is revealed in Russia, Miller's Jason character lies in a deep coma in Port Charles. There's also the matter of the painting of the twins that sold at Franco's (Roger Howarth) art show at the same time that all these other events unfold.

Someone with a lot of money was interested in the painting of Franco and Jason as children. All these plots tie together but "General Hospital" spoilers from Frank Valentini promise that this story will take nine months to unfold so don't look for answers anytime soon. It's definitely Burton behind the mask, that's what we know right now.

Burton's back, but nothing else is known

While "GH" is still teasing fans about who Jason is, it would be silly for him to come back and not be a Q whether he's Jason or his twin. All of this comes together soon and it will probably be in the final moments of tomorrow's show when the mask comes off the mystery man.

EW said, "Those eyes!" and they're right. There is no mistaking Burton's big blue sparklers when the psychotic patient six slides the sunglasses off, even though the rest of his face is obscured behind the mask. Will it be Ava that encourages Jason (or his twin) to take off his sunglasses?

Other recent "General Hospital" spoilers hint that Ava will help Jason get out of that clinic and the reason he's dangerous is because Helena (Constance Towers) and Faison (Anders Hove) were experimenting on him to try and make him a programmable assassin. It's the same thing Helena tried with Miller's Jake Doe -- but it seems to have gone wildly wrong with Burton's character. Come back for more "General Hospital" spoilers and news.