With all of the CW's major shows returning in October, new promotions are being added daily to the site. More recently the "Riverdale" trailer was released with a plethora of photoshoots with Entertainment Weekly to top the list. The "main cast": KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart and Cami Mendes are all returning for Season 2. Season 1 of the show, as always, can be found on Netflix in its entirety.

Riverdale's return

With Season 2 of the CW's highly anticipated breakthrough show, "Riverdale," fast approaching fans aren't the only ones getting restless.

The actors are itching for the viewers to get a look at the show as well, with "Riverdale's" own Jughead Jones (aka Cole Sprouse) being at the top of the list. Though KJ Apa and Camila Mendes have posted the Season 2 trailer to remind everyone about its arrival, Cole Sprouse kicked it up a notch and compiled THE Instagram post of our dreams. Here he showed off his killer photography skills by sharing a bunch of behind the scenes photos that seemed to mimic the Archie comics original design. In the post he captions "Here are some timepiece bts shots I took to hold you guys over." It's almost like he was reading our minds.

Déjà vu?

Though the cast looks absolutely breathtaking in the photos, this is not something we haven't seen before.

In Season 1, 'Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place' the cast went old school for a look into one of Jughead's dreams, or should I say nightmares? In it he imagines a world where he and his friends lived the perfect "American Dream." In it, Jason Blossom is alive and with Polly, Betty's parents have the model marriage, and he and Betty are hinted at being married or at least going steady, after there was a closeup of a ring on her finger.

But of course, nothing is as good as it seems. The dream ends in Archie asking Jughead why he stabbed him in the back as he walks away, a turkey carving knife logged into his spine. So, we can only assume these behind the scenes looks are going to make their debut in another dream sequence and we couldn't help but feel like VIPs after getting our own sneak peek.

Lets talk numbers

With the Instagram post raking in 1.4 million likes and 16.1K comments, more than the CW's trailer, it is no doubt that Cole got the buzz that he wanted. In the comment section you can find erratic fans saying things like CANNOT WAIT!!!, so psyched !!!!!!!!, and these are actually my favorite things to ever exist. Okay.... the last one may have been mine. But, either way, we got to see our favorite stars and Cole's awesome photography skills, so in the end, it was a win win for everybody. The only thing that would have made it even better was if we got a picture of the man behind the camera himself, in his own retro look. But, I guess there still has to be some sense of mystery left.

Just like Cole's caption says, "keep an out," for "Riverdale," which is coming back on October 11th.