"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that the mysterious “patient 6” at the Baronski Clinic in Russia is none other than Steve Burton. This insight came from a "GH" set insider that offers advanced spoilers on her Twitter channel named Soap Chick. Her spoilers are always spot on, she knows what dates people are back on set, inside info on contract renewals, and more. But in this case, her leak of the Burton return plot seems to have been incidental. Here’s how the info leaked and what we know about his return story.

The Nikolas Cassadine stuff is a fake out

Today’s "General Hospital" spoilers show that Larissa described “Patient 6” as a deranged psychopath that must be kept sedated because he’s dangerous. We also saw that his hand twitched when Ava Jerome mentioned Port Charles. The description of how Patient 6 came to be at the clinic could align with either Nikolas or Jason Morgan. Larissa said he was violently attacked, shot, and fell in the water. She said his injuries were severe and resulted in his psychotic state.

However, with Nikolas, there was no indication that he fell into water – the balcony he went over was above the ground. There was also the stuff with Valentin Cassadine on Thursday when he cut his hand and dripped it onto the Cassadine family tree right on Nikolas’ name.

That scene was cut into the scene at the Russian clinic to make us question if it’s Nikolas under that gray hoodie instead of Steve Burton, but now it seems to be a big fake out based from the insider "General Hospital" spoilers leak.

Behind the scenes pic of Burton in Patient 6 costume

A few weeks ago, when Steve Burton was shooting his first scenes back on "GH," Soap Chick shared a behind the scenes photo of the actor and captioned it “exclusive footage of Jason ….errr..ummm mystery character x..

On 'GH'.”

The photo was Burton sitting around backstage at the soap wearing a gray t-shirt and hoodie. It was meaningless when Soap Chick first leaked the photo, but after seeing Patient 6 on "General Hospital", it is obviously the same getup Patient 6 was wearing. That means Burton is the mystery man. Burton himself also shared an Instagram shot of him on set in the gray t-shirt Patient 6 wore.

Unfortunately, you can’t go to Twitter and see the leaked photo on her time line. Over the weekend, perhaps because she realized she had leaked a major plot point, Soap Chick locked down her account and deleted most of her followers and tweets. Her blocking rampage was noted by many on soap twitter. But the spoilers photo was out there for a couple of weeks and you can see it above. Once Thursday’s "GH" episode aired, it was clear that the photo revealed what should have been a mystery for a few more days.

Burton’s face to be shown on September 19

General Hospital was misdirecting fans for weeks.

The recent "GH" video promo showed him in a black t-shirt and on a motorcycle looking like Stone Cold, but this Jason 2.0 is clearly not the Jason Morgan we last saw when he was shot and kicked into the icy water of Port Charles Harbor. But it sounds like he’s still Stone Cold on the inside since Larissa warned Ava about how dangerous he is. Nikolas was never physically dangerous – but Jason was – so that clue doesn’t align to the prince.

But if Jason Morgan lost his mind, he would be a terrifying killing machine based on his skill set. Other "General Hospital" spoilers for Burton’s return now make so much more sense. The same day Burton’s face is first shown, "GH" spoilers say Ava’s curiosity intensifies.

But remember, Ava doesn’t know that version of Jason. Burton's Jason "died" in 2012 and she came to Port Charles in 2013.

"General Hospital" spoilers from Shelly Altman

Soap Opera Digest interviewed "GH" writer Shelly Altman who said there will be “surprising connections” between characters that did not know Jason’s old face and the guy that shows up with Jason’s face. That fits Ava and also Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) who will soon follow Ava to Russia. That means Ava should return to Port Charles with two unexpected faces – her pretty restored one and Jason Morgan’s old face stored in the body of a psychopath.

What do you think? Are you excited for the reveal of Patient 6 as Steve Burton’s new character? Did you fall for the "GH" false leads pointing to Nikolas as the mystery guy? These "General Hospital" spoilers are direct from an inside set source, so they are solid. Expect to see Patient 6 unmasked next week and to see Steve Burton's face on "General Hospital" for the first time in almost five years. Check back often for more "General Hospital" spoilers.