"General Hospital" spoilers tease that Anna [Finola Hughes] has sunk to her lowest level yet. Ever since Valentin [James Patrick Stuart] came to town, she's been acting more and more outrageous. Of course, her worst behavior was when Anna was replaced by her twin sister, but even so, the real Anna has also been awful. Now she's sunk to blackmailing a man that's grieving the loss of his fiancée and child, yet she doesn't care. Is this Anna's lowest point ever?

Anna has a shady history

Newer “GH” viewers might now know just how low Anna can go, but she’s been a real stinker in the past.

She betrayed the WSB by obtaining secrets for the DVX. It came out that her twin was also working for DVX, but Anna did too. Back in the day, Robert [Tristan Rogers] had to fire her because she had turned double agent and it was a huge mess to sort out.

Anna also kidnapped Cesar Faison [Anders Hove] and kept him prisoner, helped Ric [Rick Hearst] fake his death, threatened Julian [William deVry], shot Carlos [Jeffrey Vincent Parise] in cold blood when he was unarmed, and then helped Sloane [Robb Derringer] hide the death. The point is, Anna does what she wants to and doesn’t mind crossing legal or ethical lines if she feels it’s necessary.

Anna’s focus on Valentin is obsessive

“General Hospital” spoilers predict that Anna’s obsession with Valentin will continue and right now, she’s on the path to find the jewel thieves she believes he controls.

It does seem that Valentin still has connections in this vein because he took a beating to get back the sapphire necklace stolen from Nina’s [Michelle Stafford] Crimson shoot. Valentin knew who stole it.

Valentin went and got the necklace back, but was assaulted while doing so. That shows he’s out of the jewel thieving business but still has his contacts.

Also, since Valentin seems to be staying in Port Charles for the long haul, no way will Anna arrest him and send him to prison. They are cleaning Valentin up so they can keep him around – and that means Nikolas needs to come back.

Finn dragged along in Anna’s plot

Poor Finn needs a break to heal from his recent losses, but Anna doesn’t care.

“General Hospital” spoilers say her blackmail will force him to meet Cassandra Pierce, the woman that fences the jewels for the crime ring. All of this is about Anna’s obsession with Valentin but it could lead to another Cassadine – recast Nikolas. Unfortunately, as Anna pushes to try and nail Valentin, she's putting Finn's sobriety at risk. With him grieving a dead child and runaway bride, isn't it cruel what Anna is doing? We’ll find out soon enough according to the newest “General Hospital” spoilers.