In Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital," things got pretty tense at the Russian clinic. Curiosity led to Ava placing herself, as well as Patient 6, in danger in the Russian clinic. She was repeatedly told to stay away from this volatile man but continues to be drawn to him. In Port Charles, Scott advised his son to come clean to Liz, but Franco decided to lie. Many lives are going to be changed as this 9-month mystery unfolds and the identity of patient 6, and the real Jason Morgan is revealed.

Ava may help uncover the identity of patient 6

In spite of the warnings she has received, Ava continues to spend time with the masked man who is referred to as patient 6.

She was told he is psychotic and dangerous but Ms. Jerome gave him a pen, which he used to write down a phone number. When the hospital personnel saw the pen in his hand they became frantic saying he had a weapon.Patient 6 sat quietly until the doctor screamed at Ava and called her a "b*tch."

The mystery man rose up out of his chair and began throwing the orderlies at the Russian clinic around like rag dolls. Patient 6 was taken down with a horse tranquilizer and restrained in a bed with shackles around his arms and legs. Ava again disobeyed the orders to leave him alone and slipped into his room. The two began conversating just before the doctor came in.

Ms. Jerome hid in a closet and overheard the physician say patient 6 would be gone the next day.

She came out after the physician left and told the masked man that she was going to help him. She may be instrumental in uncovering his identity. Meanwhile, in Port Charles, Sonny is wondering why he received a call on his private phone from Russia. Griffin tells him it may be related to Ava who he believes may be in trouble.

Franco lies to Liz

Franco recalled the name of the little boy in the picture was Drew. Betsy Frank, tells her son that the child who she named Andrew was the twin of Jason Morgan, and he died at age three. When Franko says Liz and the Quartermaine family need to know the truth, his adopted mother begs him to keep silent. He later talks to Scott who tells his son that it is important to let the woman in his life know the facts he has uncovered.

When he and Elizabeth are alone, Franco lies that he did not learn the name of the boy in the photo, and has no idea what happened to him.

Viewers know that Drew is alive and well, and is either Patient 6 in a Russian clinic with Ava, or Jason number 2 who is in a hospital bed in Port Charles. Somehow during the next 9 months, Betsy and Franco's lies will come to light and the masked man and Ms. Jerome will return to town. Make sure you don't miss one episode of "General Hospital" which airs weekday afternoons on CBS.