"General Hospital" is currently playing mind games with the viewers. They have been dropping hints for months that seem to give clues to the identity of the real Jason Morgan. Along the way, however, the clues they hide in plain sight have seemed to be contradictions. Since this journey is going to take 9 months, it's best to consider every lead a false one. GH fans, as well as everyone in Port Charles, are going to have to allow this mystery to play out. And somewhere down the line, we all will know whether Steve Burton, AKA Patient number 6 or Billy Miller will emerge as the one and only true Stone Cold.

The case for Steve Burton returning as Jason

If Steve Burton has returned to "General Hospital" as the real Jason Morgan, this would indicate that little Jake's initial connection with him was a false one. Some might say the boy felt comfortable around Billy Miller's character because he was his father's twin. The same would be said of why Sam fell in love with and married this stranger. The memories Miller had could have been implanted as Helena Cassadine. The question would be how she found out Jason had a twin, and how this imposter served her evil purposes.

Burton has Jason's face and Sonny's private phone number, plus he is considered very dangerous. All these seem to indicate he is authentic but the clues are too many and way too soon.Burton returning as Jason would indicate that people in Port Charles have been fooled beyond measure.

Or it took them a while to catch on. Now suddenly Sam and Carly are continuously saying that Jason has not been the same since his return, but early on they were focusing on all the signs that he indeed was who he claimed to me.

Billy Miller is a better choice to be Jason

Should Billy Miller turnout as the real Stone Cold, then everything viewers have been told up to this point would be true.

His kidnapping and brainwashing by Helena plus the cosmetic surgery would be validated and his family and friends would not have to admit to being fooled. This would be the simpler and better choice for all concerned.Having Steve Burton portray the long lost twin would make life easier for everyone in Port Charles.

"General Hospital" already tried to fake out viewers by not showing the face of the Jason in the hospital bed in Port Charles.

Astute viewers, however, recognized Billy Miller's hand and reasoned that it was him. Not showing his face was a way to keep loyal fans in suspense, and to tease that Jason might wake up with Steve Burton's face, but he did not. They even had Patient number 6 respond to the name Nicholas Cassadine before showing that Burton is playing the part. Fans should suspect everything and believe nothing until this mystery is resolved.