Game of Thrones season 7 just went out in an instant, and there is nothing we can do about it. To make matters worse, we will be left hanging for quite a long time as we might not see another episode for season 8 until 2019. Fans of the hit HBO series will have to resort to some alternatives to ease the pain left by the series. However, for those extremely loyal to the show, there are some never-before-seen Deleted Scenes that can intrigue and awe us on how the show was intricately made.

Little Finger vs. Varys (Season 2)

Back in season 2, we got a closer look at the psychological battle between the two behind-the-scene orchestrators, Varys and Petyr Baelish.

Both men boast a complicated network of spies working for them, and they prefer the power of information and secrets instead of military force. In this particular deleted scene, the men are having a conversation where Varys mentioned a curse that seemed to foreshadow Little Finger’s death. The manipulating Baelish just brushed off the curse and instead, boasted his allies while diminishing Varys’. However, we all know how the curse turned out for Little Finger after five seasons.

Tywin and Pycelle (Season 3)

Another foreshadowing deleted scene was between Tywin Lannister and Grand Maester Pycelle back in season 3. In the unusual scene, Tywin was leisurely fishing as the old maester approached him to discuss some matters about his position on the small council.

It was a lovely moment for both of the characters especially to Tywin who showcased his keen intelligence. Pycelle, on the other hand, demonstrated how he managed to retain his position in all those years. However, the most disturbing scene was how frequent the show runners showed the frames of the fish. It turns out that it was a sign that House Tully who used fish as their sigil will meet its end at the hands of Tywin.

Edmure, Robb And The Blackfish (Season 3)

As we all know, Edmure Tully was the one married in the gruesome Red Wedding that marked the end of the War of the Five Kings. Additionally, Edmure was not the best man to lead an army because of his cowardice and lack of military strategies. The extended/deleted scene shed light on how much he pales in comparison to his nephew Robb and his uncle, Brynden.

However, the one to look for is Rickard Karstark and the King in the North, Robb. Rickard lost his two of his sons in the war, and he is demanding for justice by exacting revenge on the Lannisters. However, we can see the displeasure in Rickard’s eye when Robb set aside the matter.

Ser Alliser and Tormund (Season 5)

We all like Tormund’s witty lines and sarcastic jokes that give more fun to his character. However, Tormund may have unknowingly triggered the mutiny of the Night’s Watch which put Jon Snow with a dagger to the heart. In season 5’s deleted scene, Tormund was captured by the crows, and he had a short and brief talk with the ever bitter Ser Alliser Thorne. The giant wildling openly pointed out that he has no power over Castle Black that pushed him to rebel against Jon Snow.