After seven weeks of murder, madness, death, and destruction, HBO’s hit TV series Game of Thrones dropped the curtains in the best way possible. Unfortunately, the previous season provided more questions than answers that left fans wondering for the long night to come. One of the intriguing characters of the series is the main bad guy, the Night King.

We first saw the king of the land of always winter back in Season 4 when Bran saw a vision of him turning Craster’s son into a White Walker. After that short encounter, the villain gradually rose up as the major threat in the series but who is the Night King?

Former Night’s Watch commander?

We all know that the Night’s Watch is an ancient order that watches over the wall to make sure that any threats from the northern border from approaching the Seven Kingdoms. However, a recent discussion in a forum mentioned that the feared Night King was once a member of the righteous military order. According to a contributor named Chantelle Losier, one lord commander was seduced by a female White Walker, and he began to call himself the Night’s King. The self-proclaimed king took control of the order for thirteen years and performed human sacrifices. The king was defeated by an alliance of the King Beyond the Wall, Joramun and the King in the North, Bran the Breaker, but Losier believed that Night’s King survived and he is now known as the Night King.

Night King was once a Stark?

In the earlier season of the series, a child of the forest named Leaf told Bran that the first White Walker was once a human. Due to the war between the First Men and the Children of the Forest, the children were forced to make the White Walkers to protect themselves. They pressed a dragonglass dagger into the unnamed First Man’s chest, causing his eyes to turn blue and became a White Walker.

According to another contributor named Manders87, the First Man that was shown in the show may have been a descendant of the Starks making the Night King a former member of House Stark. Looking back into the history of Westeros, most Northerners descended from the First Men, and House Stark is no exemption. Furthermore, the theory also explains as to why the icy foe was able to sense Bran.

Whatever is the case, we call all agree that the Seven Kingdoms needs to unite to deal with the White Walker threat. Meanwhile, let’s just wait for the last and final season of “Game of Thrones” that is slated to air sometime in late 2018 or early 2019.