Things are turning bad for Yukihira Soma, and the rest of the Polar Star Dormitory Tenants as Azami Nakiri and Central initiated the abolition of the school dormitory. However, the latest episode of food wars! The Third Plate” shed some light of hope as Soma went on and challenged Eizan of the Elite Ten to revoke the abolition and eviction order. How will Soma get through the impossible odds where the judges were already bought to go with Eizan?

War of the chickens

The episode kicked off with Eizan intimidating Soma and telling him that resisting Central would be futile.

The Elite 10 member also informed Soma that the eviction day was moved and he hired 50 thugs to evict Soma's friends from the dorm forcefully. However, after all of Eizan’s underhanded tactics and aggression, Soma was unfazed saying he will just focus on his cooking which infuriated Eizan. The theme of the cook-off was Jidori or Satsuma Chicken and Soma openly announce that he will be making Gyoza after Rindo asked him what he will be making.

While Soma was preparing his dish, his opponent just sat back and waited for the confirmation of the eviction in the Polar Star Dormitory. However, the Elite 10 received a call from the thugs about the resistance that the tenants are putting up against them.Surprisingly, Central’s attempt was not the only time that Polar Star was put up in a siege.

Because of the frequent assaults, former tenants have already prepared some self-defense measures like a fire hose, helmets and smoke bombs which the present occupants used to repel Eizan’s forces.

The defeated alchemist

Knowing that there was only one way to make Soma submit, Etsuya decided to pit his full cooking prowess and produced his version of Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Despite the fact that Eizan was well known as a businessman, his actual cooking abilities were all worthy of his position in the Elite 10 council where he was given the moniker ‘The Alchemist.’ His cooking style plays on his extensive knowledge of various chemical components and their interactions with taste receptors which he used to disrupt the balance of flavors in his opponent’s dish.

After the brilliant presentation of Eizan, the judge’s opinion of Soma was still on the wrong side, but the underdog managed to prevent them from making a preemptive vote by taunting Eizan and declaring that the Elite 10 member is just scared of losing. After a while, Soma finished his Cheese-Feathered Hanetsuki Gyōza and handed an extra serving for Eizan. After finishing Soma’s dish, the judges and even Eizan were left speechless, and with the judges unable to lie about their true feelings, the Shokugeki ended with a unanimous vote in favor of Soma. The episode ended with a declaration from Soma that he is willing to take on the Central’s challenge and openly declaring his rebellion against the school administration. Now that all is set for another exciting cooking battle let’s just wait and see how thing will turn out in “Food Wars! The Third Plate.”