If you are a fan of Vegeta, then you will love this article. At last, The Prince of the Saiyans will play a significant role in the next episodes of "Dragon Ball Super." As Son Goku had his chance to show us the simultaneous transformation in the past episodes, so will Vegeta in the near future.

Apparently, the fans of Bulma’s husband didn’t wait long before they write on Toshio’s Twitter (one of the most acclaimed script writers of “Dragon Ball Super”). After all, it is known that from time to time he reveals some spoilers for the future episodes of the saga.

Will Vegeta use the simultaneous transformation?

Recently, a fan asked a few brief questions to the script writer asking him about the chance to see Vegeta using the simultaneous transformation. Let’s remember that, Vegeta was the first one to use this technique while in Zamasu’s saga. Of course, this was only seen in the official manga of the franchise.

Toshio answered that he believes that Vegeta is capable of using the Super Saiyan God transformation and that he would love to see it using it during the Tournament of Power.

Will Vegeta have his own special episode?

Let’s also recall that a few months ago it was revealed another conversation between him and the fans. In that conversation, he was asked if the Prince of the Saiyans was to have any important battles in the near future and he answered that he would be fighting against the legendary assassin of Universe 6.

He also mentioned that he was the one to write the scripts of that battle and that it will be an episode exclusively dedicated to those two warriors.

This confirms that Vegeta will have a big role in one of the next episodes. While it may not be as important as Goku with all the hype about his new transformation, we could be seeing him using the simultaneous transformation and see him in the Super Saiyan God transformation that had never been seen in the anime.

It would seem that the promised battle between Goku and Hit at the end of the tournament will never come. We expected this anyway since we know that the final battle will be against Jiren, as he is the enemy to defeat. Besides, if we consider that the simultaneous transformation between the Super Saiyan God and the Super Saiyan Blue is capable of defeating Hit, then it would be logic that this time Vegeta will be able to defeat Universe 6 assassin. And let’s also remember that Vegeta has trained two times in the Hyperbolic Chamber so that we can expect a thrilling battle against these two warriors.