After the premiere of the epic trailer of "Dragon Ball Super," with the exclusive integration of the new transformation of Goku, it has become completely clear that at last the plot is about to reach the climax of the battles of the power tournament, as the same producer has been announcing these days.

However, while everything seemed so perfect, unfortunately we just learned that it is very likely that two chapters of "Dragon Ball Super" will be postponed in September. But the delay would be rewarded with a special chapter to be released in October.

Here are the reasons why there will be no chapters in two weeks.

September 9: Japanese event

On September 9 of this year there will be no "Dragon Ball Super" episode, the reason is the following. Not many hours ago, an image was filtered that walks through social networks which highlights the presence of Vegeta in clothes and samurai costume. The image is part of a Japanese program called FNS27, whose program has 27 hours of streaming, as if it were a television marathon, and is broadcast annually by Fuji TV, that is, the channel where DBS is broadcast.

Each year it varies in theme and plot, so on this occasion, will narrate the history of Japan using various characters of the most popular anime in the eastern country, highlighting the presence of the prince of the Saiyajin race.

September 30: "One Piece" Special

On this date the "One Piece" special will be broadcast, which will have an exact duration of one hour, premiering at the same time that should be released "Dragon Ball Super." The plot will narrate the intense battle that Luffy will have against one of his old friends of the first season: Sanji.

New Trailer

The good thing about this is that on October 8th, the animated series will premiere with a special chapter of an entire hour, dedicated exclusively to the battle of Jiren against Goku, and the transformation of the latter. In conclusion, we will finally know that epic transformation, and the origin of it.

Of course, the order of the chapters would go like this: chapters numbers 106, 107 and 108 of the animated series would be released until Saturday September 23.

Then we must wait until October 7 to see the next chapter, which would also be the special that many are waiting for.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." For now, watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “DBS," which comes to us through leaked information about this saga.