"Big Brother 19" fans know that the deceit and drama have been constant this season. No matter what the outcome of the Power Of Veto competition, there was bound to be some of both going on. Paul and Josh are both thinking it might be time to take the other one on but they both want that to happen on their own terms.

Paul has his paws dug in

During week one, the Den of Temptation was introduced to the "Big Brother 19" house. With Paul being the only familiar face, when fans voted for a winner it was Paul. It turned out that the prize was a Pendant of Protection that kept him safe for three weeks.

That was more time than the savvy vet needed to make friends with most of the houseguests. He began strategizing and eliminating those that weren't going to work with him on his terms.

Josh has been Team Paul since week two. He has done what Paul wants for the most part. When Paul wanted to drive Jody crazy because Jessica wanted to use the Halting Hex, Josh took up pots and pans and began a one-man band. When Paul said to take it to a 30, Josh cranked it up. On the last live show, "Big Brother 19" fans saw an angry Paul yelling at Josh, who was taking the blame. Of course, that isn't what just happened so it was another fake fight to make Paul look innocent.

Josh is Team Paul, or is he?

There was a rumor a couple of weeks ago that "Big Brother 19" production had dropped a hint to Josh that Paul may not have his best interest at heart.

At first, Josh seemed to blow it off and continued working with Christmas and Paul. Last week he started thinking and questioning, however. When going back over things and looking at what the plan was, Josh could see that Paul's game is really all about Paul. When he tried to confide in Christmas, she wouldn't even consider that Paul was anything but loyal.

Later, she did admit to the cameras that Josh is probably right about Paul.

Now that they are down to the Final Five, the chance to get Paul out is coming to an end. Alex passed on her chance in the double eviction. Instead of backdooring Paul, she nominated Kevin and Raven. Raven was sent to the Jury House. Josh passed when he nominated Alex and Kevin, but, there is the Power of Veto that was won by Paul.

Paul will now have the opportunity to veto a nomination or leave nominations the same. This week using the POV would mean putting Christmas in jeopardy, however. She would be the only one available for a replacement nomination. With Alex on the block, Paul shouldn't use the POV and allow her to be evicted. He said that next week it will be Josh going to the Jury House.