"Big Brother" fans who have been around a while all know Evel Dick, aka Dick Donato. He is the bad boy that won Season 8, and his daughter Danielle took second place. Unlike a lot of past winners, he has never faded into the background and his opinion matters to many of the viewers every summer.

While he isn't shy about sharing his opinions, you better be prepared for the answer before asking him a question. "Big Brother Network" found this out when they interviewed him regarding his thoughts on this season of "Big Brother 19." Evel Dick said what many are thinking and have shared on his Twitter page.

The houseguests of "Big Brother 19" have managed to find a new low in the game.

Mob mentality in the house

There is a mob mentality in the house right now. When Paul gives the order, his followers get to work. It began with Josh banging pots and pans to drive Jody nuts. When Evel Dick was in the house, he did the same thing, but he did it himself. He did not send someone else to orchestrate his craziness, putting a target on them for his decisions. He did his own dirty work and owned it.

When Paul has targeted someone, Alex, Christmas, Josh, and Raven have jumped when Paul told them to. None have been willing to stand up and put a stop to the ganging up on a houseguest, such as Kevin now. While this is a game and boundaries will be pushed, there is a line of basic respect that shouldn't be crossed.

They crossed it with Jody and with Kevin.

Evel Dick shared his thoughts on an interview he read that Allison Grodner had given. She had been asked about the impact a returning houseguest would have on the game. She had answered that only one player shouldn't impact the game that much. Well, "Big Brother 19" has shot that theory to pieces.

What would Evel Dick like to see change?

Donato shared that he misses the old days of "Big Brother" when there were no returning players, no veto competitions, just hardcore gameplay with no twists to change things up. That was the game he was so attracted to that he wanted to be a part of.

Evel Dick has been keeping fans up to date on his take all season.

His Twitter account is filled with posts from fans where they are discussing the various houseguests in "Big Brother 19." Along with a theme of dislike for Paul, there are a lot of anti-Raven posts as well. Apparently, the Season 8 winner and his fans have been listening to the incredibly long list of diseases and ailments of the dance instructor from Arkansas.