"Big Brother 19" fans have watched Paul Abrahamian dominate the house since the first week. He has orchestrated every move and had his followers execute the plan with him never getting blood on his hands. Even he is surprised at how well he is doing and how far he has come.

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut, stop reading now.

It is quiet in the "Big Brother 19" house this afternoon. Paul took advantage of the space and spent some quality time with the live feed viewers.

He discussed how he had controlled the house from day one. At this point, he is right where he wants to be. He is planning on having Alex evicted this week and Josh next week. Paul wants to compete against Kevin and Christmas for the final Head of Household. He told the camera that he fully expects to make it to the end at this point, and without having ever been on the block.

It's all about the game

Paul did say that the game is hard. He claims that he really did like both Raven and Jason. While we saw the friendship at times, there were other times "Big Brother 19" fans saw Paul bashing both of the houseguests. One thing fans learned about Paul this summer is that friendship and loyalty only go as far as his need of you.

While many "Big Brother 19" fans feel that Paul is a snake, a liar, and a manipulator there are plenty more that appreciate the great game he has played. Arguably, he is playing the best game of all time.Like he said, he has never been on the block and he has not had to be the one drawing blood. He has even had Josh take direct blame for his actions while he deflected the attention from him to one of his most loyal allies.

They are well beyond the point in the "Big Brother 19" game where the houseguests should be playing with an individual plan. As a superfan, Josh should know that. We watched last week as he figured out that Paul is using them all to further his own game. It took some work, but Paul got his boy back in line for the double eviction.

Could Josh flip things?

With Josh in power as the current HOH, "Big Brother 19" is winding down. There won't be many more opportunities to get Paul backdoored. If Josh were to tell the plan to evict Jason to Alex, she would possibly turn on Paul. Kevin seems to trust Paul, but more because he has no one than Paul has been loyal to him. He may join the ranks to evict Paul as well.

The question is, will Paul be able to control Josh this week in the "Big Brother 19" house? Do you think Josh will be evicted before the Final Three? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.