“Big Brother” is about to have a bitter jury. The 19th season of the CBS reality show is in its final days, and at least one juror says his blindside eviction will now completely change who he wants to see win the game. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Dent, who was evicted in this season’s second live double eviction episode, said he will only vote for former allies Alex Ow or Paul Abrahamian to win the “Big Brother” game if he is forced to vote between them in the final two. Otherwise, anyone else will get his vote.

Jason told THR that if it’s between Paul or Alex he will “have to do some thinking,” but if it’s them and anyone else, the other player will get his vote.

From bestie to bitter

Jason Dent said his biggest regret in the game was letting his then-ally, Alex, decide that they should align with returning player Paul. Dent said for the first month he planned to target Paul, who landed in the runner-up spot on last season’s “Big Brother,” for eviction.

Dent admitted that Abrahamian and Ow are this season’s best “Big Brother” players. But it sounds like he doesn’t respect their game play enough to give either of them his vote. Jason told EW that Alex and Paul could have gotten to the end of the game without blindsiding him. At this point, Jason said he would like to see Kevin Schlehuber and Christmas Abbott make it to the final two.

Goodbye lies

In a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jason said he didn’t believe Paul’s taped goodbye message to him at all.

In his message, Paul claimed that he was with "counterfeit” people and that he wasn’t responsible for Jason’s eviction. But Josh Martinez revealed that Paul had an “elaborate plan to take Jason out", and the rodeo cowboy seems to believe that story. Jason even said that Paul is the ‘counterfeit” one for throwing a running Head of Household competition to Christmas Abbott, a girl on crutches.

“I don’t believe Paul for a second,” Jason told EW.

Paul Abrahamian has been very carefully playing all sides of the “Big Brother” house while carefully planting seeds for potential jury members. But Jason Dent is clearly on to his game, and could definitely convince the other jurors about Paul’s dirty gameplay. It sounds like there’s no way Jason will vote for Paul to win the $500,000 grand prize, but if Paul Abrahamian lands in second place this season on “Big Brother,” he would be the first-ever houseguest ever to do so.