Tonight was the big season finale of "Big Brother 19" and a winner was finally crowned. It was down to just Christmas, Josh and Paul to compete in the finale. Everyone saw Paul Abrahamian won the first part of the three-part HOH competition, which made it where he gets to compete in the final part tonight live.

Second part of the HOH

Then it was time for the second part of the HOH which put Christmas up against Josh. They had to try to beat each other's time in a competition and the winner would get to play against Paul in the final HOH competition.

Whoever wins that final one, gets to pick who they take to the end with them and then the jury votes on a winner. Josh ended up winning the second part. This would put Josh and Paul against each other on the final night and then whoever wins gets to pick who they take to the finale.

Christmas was pretty upset with how she did, but that being said she made it to the final three with a broken foot, which is something that hasn't been done before. Josh talked about how he knows that he needs to get Paul out, but he also knows that it would be hard to compete against Christmas in the end.

Dr. Will Kirby talks to the jury

Past contestant Dr. Will Kirby sat down with all of the past contestants so that they could talk about how it all went down.

This would help them decide on who they wanted to vote for in the end. Everyone was very open about who they thought should win this season of the show. Mark made it pretty clear that he isn't a fan of the way that Josh played the game. Jason thought all three were all options to win due to hard work.

Josh and Paul were against each other in a competition about what they think a juror would say about the game.

This has been done in the past. Josh ended up winning the final HOH, which meant he would get to go to the final two and pick who would go with him. Josh Martinez broke into tears.

Josh then had to choose who to evict and he sent home Christmas and took Paul with him to the end of this season of "BB19." He admitted that he feels like he has a better chance of beating Paul in the end.

At the end of the night, Paul and Josh sat next to each other while the jury voted and Josh Martinez was announced the big winner of "BB19!" Paul got second last time and it happened once again.

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