"Big Brother 19" spoilers reveal that Paul Abrahamian is considering a big move in Week 9. He knows that if he wants to win the game, he has to take out his biggest competition, which seems to be Alex Ow and Jason Dent. Paul stated that there are three pairs in the "Big Brother" house --- Raven Walton and Matt Clines, Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott, and Alex and Jason. He believes all three pairs need him to take the other two pairs out of the game.

To recap Week 8 so far, Christmas won the HOH competition and nominated Matt and Jason for eviction.

Mark Jansen awarded Paul safety for the week with the new temptation called Apple tree. Jason won the POV and will save himself. It looks like Mark will be the third member of the jury.

Week 9 target

BB Feedster shared that Paul wants to take a shot at Jason and Alex next week. It sounds like Paul wants to win HOH and nominate Jason and Alex for eviction. He sees them as the obstacle in his path to the final two. To get Alex out of the house, he will need the support of Raven, Matt, Josh, and Christmas. Josh and Christmas have said that they were onboard with the plan, but Matt may not want to get rid of Alex just yet. We'll have to see how it plays out in the next few days.

During Friday's show, Derrick Levasseur pointed out how close Alex and Jason were, and it hurt their game.

"Big Brother 19" spoilers indicate that it put them on Paul's growing list of targets.

Ideal final three deal

"Big Brother 19" spoilers suggest that Paul will need to pick one of the pairs to go to the end with.

Last year, Paul took Nicole Franzel to the final two, and it cost him half a million dollars. He will not make that mistake again. Paul said he plans to take Christmas and Josh to the end, feeling confident that he can win against one of them.

Is Kevin still one of Paul's main targets?

For the past few weeks, Paul has trashed Kevin Schlehuber to the other "Big Brother" houseguests.

He has named many reasons why they shouldn't trust him. What it comes down to is that Paul questions many of the stories Kevin told the house and wonders if he can be trusted. Christmas, Josh, Alex, and Jason have all questioned Kevin's loyalty and have expressed that they would like to target him "soon." How soon he will become the number one target is not known.

Do you think Paul can win "Big Brother" if he is in the final two with Josh or Christmas? Will Christmas put Mark on the block when Jason uses the POV?

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