Kameron Westcott is the newest member of "The Real Housewives of Dallas" and it sounds like she's already making quite the splash with viewers. With her pink dog food business idea and her pretentious ways, Kameron is a solid co-star who will surely ruffle some feathers. As LeeAnne Locken explained on "The Real Housewives of Dallas," Kameron has something that Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman do not. They don't have a Dallas zip code and you need this to become part of the Dallas high society.

According to a new report from Bravo, Kameron Westcott believes that Stephanie and Brandi are desperate to gain access to high society.

However, Westcott believes that it will take them a long time -- and even a move -- to get there. She doesn't think that her co-stars will fit in, as their poop and fart jokes aren't welcome. Brandi revealed that she's not interested in joining this elite group of rich people, whereas Stephanie hasn't said much about it. When her husband bought a home without her knowing about it, the other ladies believed she had moved just to get the desired zip code.

Classy behavior

When Kameron Westcott joined the show, Cary Deuber described her as being straight out of "Legally Blonde." She wears pink, she has a dog she carries around, and perhaps she might not be the brightest one in the class. As for D'Andra Simmons, she believes Kameron knows what she's doing when it comes to her business ideas.

While Westcott will gladly take compliments, she doesn't think that Brandi and Stephanie will get into the Dallas society.

"They just don’t live in Dallas and therefore are literally not part of Dallas society... The area of Dallas I live in apparently has a different culture than what I think they are used to because if they want to be a part of Dallas society, they need to stop cussing and the fart jokes and just act classier," she explained in her Bravo blog.

Don't really care

It is interesting that Kameron Westcott is so judgmental when it comes to Brandi and Stephanie. She keeps talking about them as if they are begging or strategizing to get into Dallas society, when in reality, they don't really care. Brandi is thinking about another baby, while Stephanie is planning out the home her husband bought as a surprise. Perhaps Kameron is just assuming that her co-stars want what she has, as she has experienced envy from friends before.

What do you think about Kameron Westcott's odd comments about her co-stars?