Big Brother 19” was something fans were looking forward to as the summer began. When the cast was announced, there were plenty of preconceived notions. As the weeks have flown by, “Big Brother” fans have been tossing around ideas for “America's Favorite Player” votes. There have been several names suggested including Kevin Schlehuber, Jason Dent, and Alex Ow. After the events that have unfolded over the last week, things have drastically changed.

Jason's downfall

Unfortunately, Jason Dent made a huge scandal for himself while in the “Big Brother” house.

He jokingly talked about Kevin Schlehuber's wife being raped while their daughters watched. While he was talking from the standpoint of “what's the worst thing you can say,” it didn't sit well with viewers. In fact, several have taken to social media to bash Dent for his remarks. As if that weren't bad enough, yesterday he joked about raping the elderly women in nursing homes. His mouth has pretty much cost him a normal life outside of the “Big Brother 19” game. The anger America has for him isn't going to go away anytime soon.

This week, things have changed in the “Big Brother” house. For whatever reason, the house guests are shunning Kevin Schlehuber. Christmas is the HOH (Head of Household), and she nominated Jason Dent and Alex Ow for eviction.

With that, both believe that Kevin will be backdoored, but that is not the plan. Unfortunately, the mean gang has been pretty awful to him because of it. On the live feeds, Alex told everyone to not cook for Kevin at midnight, which is typically a tradition in the “Big Brother” house. Many fans are sad to see what is happening now.

The outcome

It looks like the goal is to get Jason Dent evicted this week. Paul Abrahamian is at the helm and pulling the strings. Thursday night is the double eviction, and it looks like Paul, Josh Martinez, Christmas Abbott, and Kevin Schlehuber may be safe. Raven Walton may be mixed in there, but the core group will be Josh, Christmas, and Paul with the others being interchangeable.

Alex Ow is convinced that Paul is going to be true to his word because of his “friendship” gameplay. She is in for a rude awakening, and “Big Brother” fans are excited to see her go.

Tune into "Big Brother 19" on Thursday night to see who gets sent to the Jury House and who will be calling the shots during the upcoming week. The season finale will air on September 20th.

Who will get your vote for "America's Favorite Player?"