Brooklyn Beckham has become the latest target for online abuse after he posted images of himself modeling with a gun on social media. Beckham has recently moved to New York to study photography and fans are wondering if this is part of his new college course while others are calling him out for actively promoting Gun Violence.

The star has posed with a gun and shared the image online

According to Metro, Brooklyn Beckham has been receiving major backlash for his decision to pose with a gun. The son of Victoria and David Beckham posted the images taken by photographer Damon of himself holding a pistol in his hand.

The photographs were intended to be artistic images and the photographer has insisted that Brooklyn is not glorifying gun violence.

In a report by the Daily Mail, fans were shocked to see Brooklyn posing with a gun and have left a stream of comments for the star underneath the photographs, which he posted. One fan commented stating that Brooklyn Beckham is not a member of a gang and should not be promoting gun violence.

These comments have since been deleted as have the images, which Brooklyn posted initially. It appears that the star is still receiving an amount of backlash for his decision to model with a gun and fans feel that Brooklyn has gone too far.

The photographer has defended his photographs

According to Breaking News, the photographer who took these photos has spoken up about the controversy online. The photographer, known only as Damon, stated that the media and fans have taken the creativity and morphed it into something else entirely. He claimed that they are trying to create a narrative in which Brooklyn is promoting gun violence but that this is simply not the case.

Damon went on to claim that he saw Brooklyn as a blank canvas that could be used to bring certain issues to light. He claimed that Brooklyn played that part that any actor would play in a movie where they had to handle a gun and that the model should not be criticized for this.

In a report by Metro, Damon went on to explain that if a Piece Of Art does not affect or move an individual than what is the point of making it in the first place.

He went on to say that it is not the job of his generation to be hiding the truth simply because some people will see it as inappropriate. The photographer explained that this piece of art was to highlight the negative impact guns have on societies, not to promote them.

Brooklyn Beckham has not yet commented on his involvement in the controversial pictures but he has deleted them from his own Instagram account.