It appears that Mel B may lose her current court case against her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte as he claims the mother of three was addicted to cocaine and alcohol. Belafonte and Mel B are currently in the process of getting a divorce and Stephen has applied for visitation rights with Mel B's daughter Angel. Fans were shocked when the evidence was presented to the courts and it appears that the case has now swung in Belafonte's favor.

The allegations were released in court documents

According to the Daily Mail, recent court documents have been released which claim that Mel B battled addictions to both cocaine and alcohol.

Mel B’s estranged husband -- who is currently seeking visitation rights with Mel B and Eddie Murphy’s daughter Angel --produced these court documents.

The documents contain a series of text messages, which were exchanged between Mel B and a marriage therapist (Dr. Charles Sophy) that both Mel and Stephen Belafonte went to in order to save their marriage. These text messages contain evidence that Stephen was extremely worried for the sake of Mel B's three children and this appeared to stem from the star's addiction to cocaine.

Belafonte has claimed that he will have a positive impact on Mel B's daughter's life and has stated that he is concerned for the safety of Angel. Belafonte has stated that Mel B was given a four-point plan by their marriage therapist in order to deal with her addiction and was handed a prescription for Antabuse and monthly injections of Vivitrol.

Belafonte claims this is why the couple separated

According to The Sun, Stephen Belafonte has claimed that Mel B's addictions to both alcohol and cocaine caused a great strain on their marriage. He has stated that it was his estranged wife's addiction that led to the couple seeking a divorce, as their relationship could no longer survive Mel B's struggles with addiction.

In a report by Metro, Belafonte claimed that Mel fired the nanny for the children and that he was afraid she would be drinking and using drugs around the children -- saying that Mel B's drinking and drug use was witnessed by the nanny -- and he believes that this is the reason that Mel chose to fire her.

The court sent the text messages off to an analyst to ensure that the evidence was real and was not doctored by Stephen Belafonte or anyone connected to him.

It was later confirmed that the messages are real and were sent from a smartphone.

Mel B has not yet commented on the recent allegations and fans are curious in terms of how this new information will affect the ongoing court case.