Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan are calling it quits. The Entertainment Tonight confirmed that the former "Hills" actress filed for a Divorce from her former husband two days after she requested a temporary restraining order over an alleged domestic violence. It was revealed that the judge granted Patridge's request, which will restrain Bohan to stay 100 yards away from the actress.

Meanwhile, the judge has also granted Bohan an opportunity to visit their one-year-old daughter, Kirra. However, it will be a monitored visitation. As of now, it was learned that Patridge’s main concern is the welfare of her daughter and the actress is also asking for some privacy at this time.

Domestic violence

While announcing their divorce in public, Patridge claimed that Bohan has become increasingly aggressive, angry, and jealous of her usual travel and work schedules. The actress revealed that Bohan's attitude usually escalates whenever she focused her attention to her obligation at work.

On her official declaration at the court, Patridge stated, "His harassing behavior has recently become so extreme that I physically separated from him a few weeks ago. Furthermore, as set forth below, his aggressiveness last month became so extreme he became physically violent."

The actress continued the statement where she detailed what happened on September 16, accusing her former husband of harassing her.

She added that he was not only physically abusive but as well as verbally harassed. She revealed that her former husband won't stop texting her whenever she's at work and she feels embarrassed every time it happens.

Protection for Kirra

Another report from E!

News confirmed that the former "Hills" star has requested for her protection and of their daughter, Kirra. In the court documents obtained, the actress revealed that she's starting to be terrified over Bohan's aggressive attitude. Patridge admitted that Bohan has been constantly rattling to her which made her unable to concentrate on work.

The actress became fearful of Bohan's temper and she swore that he's been doing personal attacks on her. Prior to their official separation, Patridge revealed that she had physically separated from her partner due to his harassing behavior.

Over the alleged domestic violence, the actress also fears the risk of Bohan abducting their daughter and taking her to another country. On her statement, Patridge concluded, "I begged him to please let me go."