Ellen DeGeneres has always been candid about not having certain people on her show. In the past, Ellen has refused to have homophobic and racist people appear on her talk show. The celebrity has now added President Donald Trump to her list of people she would not invite on her show.

The talk show host explained herself

According to the Independent, when asked about whether or not she would give President Donald Trump a seat on her show Ellen DeGeneres replied that she would not. The Talk Show Host explained her decision and stated that she does not want to give him another platform.

In a report by the Huffington Post, Ellen DeGeneres explained that Trump has enough attention already and that it would not be of anyone's benefit to serve him with anymore. The talk show host stated that the President has his own Twitter and that he utilizes that to talk directly to his audiences.

DeGeneres explained that for her personally, she has to admire someone who comes onto her show. She stated that she would not allow someone onto her show who she believes is a dangerous individual. Ellen pointed out that as a gay American Trump is making the world an increasingly unsafe place for her personally and for thousands of people around the world.

According to the Independent, Ellen believes that President Donald Trump is more focused on segregating people than bringing them together and believes that this is very dangerous.

Trump has caused public outrage with his decisions

According to the Huffington Post, Ellen DeGeneres also pointed out that President Donald Trump has been targeting and oppressing minorities. Trump has passed legislation, which has banned transgender people from joining the United States Army. Ellen DeGeneres tweeted about this when the decision was made.

In a report by the Independent, Ellen stated that the public should be grateful for the people who want to serve their country. She explained that the people of America should not be turning their backs on their fellow citizens. The talk show host called for change and action in the wake of this new law.

It is clear that Ellen DeGeneres has definite views on the current President of the United States and she is not alone.

When talking about why she does not want Trump on her show, Ellen received several rounds of applause from the audience of her show.

President Donald Trump has not commented on Ellen DeGeneres decision not to have him on her show. The public is waiting for the President to address these claims made by the favorite celebrity.