"Riverdale" actor Kj Apa, was reportedly involved in a late-night Car Accident after he left the set of the CW series. It was revealed that Apa, who portrayed the role of Archie Andrews on the series, fell asleep on his car after a long drive on his way home. According to a report by People, the car accident allegedly took place at midnight in Vancouver, Canada.

The actor's vehicle reportedly hit the pole, which destroyed the passenger's side of the car. According to initial reports, it was learned that his car could no longer be fixed due to its intense damage.

It was reported that Cole Sprouse, his co-star, originally planned to ride in Apa's car. But luckily, the actor changed his plans.

Transportation not provided

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actors for the CW series are required to be on the set despite the long hours of travel. It was revealed that both of the cast and crew were not provided with transportation. Everyone has to provide their own transit for them to get back on the set.

It was further reported that Sprouse used to ask for transportation for those actors who are working late. However, it wasn't confirmed yet whether or not the studio addressed their concerns. A source close to "Riverdale" expressed, “They’re working these kids from morning until night.

Someone's going to die."

Warner Bros. official statement

Amidst the accident that hit Apa, Warner Bros. recently released an official statement.

According to People, the production was grateful that, despite the accident, Apa was not harmed or injured. Nevertheless, they also addressed their concerns in terms of transportation. They revealed that the series has numbers of actors working for them and not all of them are working every day.

They knew that Apa had been working for 16 long hours; however, Warner Bros.

claimed that they warned Apa to inform the crew whenever he feels tired or unsafe. If Apa did complain about his safety, the production will either drive for him or will send him to the nearest hotel. The production further confirmed that it was not true that the "Riverdale" actor was rushed to the hospital.

He was only given first aid treatment by the people who first responded to the accident. The statement also confirmed that a private doctor was sent for him on the same day to ensure his well-being. According to E! News, Warner Bros. emphasized that the safety of the cast and crew is the prime focus.