The 29-year old singer Aaron Carter was reportedly involved in a Car Accident on Monday night. The news was confirmed by one of his representatives. Amid the unfortunate event, no injury was recorded, and the singer is finally well and resting at his home. Entertainment Tonight learned that the incident happened at St. Petersburg, Florida, not far from the singer's residence.

Details on Twitter

Following the accident, the singer immediately shared the details on his Twitter page. Carter added that life is indeed very precious. He revealed that his BMW M4 met a severe accident, but he never meant to have a severe situation as it was.

He also thanked his fans and followers for sending him the love and support at this point in time. He ended his tweet by saying that he was happy that both of them were fine after the incident.

Meanwhile, numbers of his followers have replied to his tweet. Carter also revealed that his airbags all went off and his nose was badly hurt. On the contrary, a representative has told Entertainment Tonight that the singer did not break his nose and his tweets were opposite to the police reports. Apparently, police officers arrived at the accident scene and had Carter drove home safely.

Resting from accident

After the accident, a report from US Magazine shared that the singer is now resting at his home.

It was also clarified that no one was hurt during that severe situation; nevertheless, it was the worst accident that the actor had gone through his entire life.

Another source told US Magazine that the singer is supposed to perform in Memphis this Saturday and in New York City on Tuesday not until the accident happened. Meanwhile, the singer still looked forward to seeing all his fans at his upcoming shows.

The singer has been facing lots of problems lately. To recall, Carter was arrested back in July due to drug charges and marijuana possessions. He eventually made headlines when he broke up with his long-time girlfriend, Madison Parker. A source also told US Weekly that the singer is better off now since he ended his relationship with his former partner.

It was believed that Parker was not a good influence on the singer and his life was a mess during their relationship. Another speculation reveals that somehow, Carter also had his sexual problems and his former girlfriend had a hard time dealing with it. Amid all the issues, Carter remained positive and is still working his best for his career and upcoming shows.