Everyone’s been going crazy about Jamie Dornan after starring in the “Fifty Shades” franchise as Christian Grey with Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele. His character is a BDSM-addict young man who had a dark past before dominating the business world and before meeting Anastasia. A highly-conceptualized dominant and sadist sexual person, he introduced Anastasia to his world, where sadism and masochism are his expertise. Both stars gained prominence because of their roles but why is the 35-year-old actor makes everyone drool for him?

Jamie Dornan, the Hollywood’s sex symbol

Recently, a football match was organized to raise money for the victims of the tragedy that happened to Grenfell Tower in London. The sports event was star-studded, and Jamie Dornan was there to support the match, but as expected, people were screaming not only for the football event but the “Fifty Shades Freed” actor too. Women went crazy for him and wished to take a snap with him, but one lucky guy, (not gal) succeeded in doing so. The former goalkeeper for the Ireland team Shay Given took a photo of him with the actor and posted it on Instagram.

Jamie Dornan fans were apparently jealous knowing that the football star was there and had the chance to pose with the actor.

Shay even captioned the photo with: "Any better suggestions for the name of my autobiography than 50 saves of shay???" Fans also suggested their ideas such as ‘A Shay in the life’ and ‘Shay nothing.' This proves that even the famous stars are already falling for the actor, whom fans call as their sex god. Why not? After showing his ‘almost everything’ in the movie, we can’t expect everyone to behave.

Everyone is hungry for him

Apparently, everyone wants to see Jamie Dornan – in the flesh. The actor has been busy filming his new film “My Dinner with Herve” with “Game of Thrones” actor Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister). However, he makes sure that he visits his favorite restaurant in his home country in Northern Ireland. Back in July, Ramore Restaurants in Portrush posted on their Facebook page to tell everyone how to contact them.

One particular thing they listed was the actor, and it’s amusingly cute but hilarious.

"We can't deliver desserts to homesick relatives in Belgium,” the post reads. "We cannot tell if it's going to be sunny next Tuesday. We are unable to give you the recipe for our chili beef (even though you want it for your wedding). No, we can't call to tell you the next time Jamie Dornan is in the restaurant." Hilarious, eh?