Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are considered to be one of the most relatable celebrity couples right now. Their candidness on social media is quite refreshing and makes the fans love them even more. Their relationship has also withstood a lot of ups and downs and they are currently enjoying their 11th year of being together. However, it looks like their relationship wasn't a bed of roses, especially in the beginning.

According to Huffington Post, there was a time in their relationship where John Legend actually wanted to break up with Chrissy Teigen.

It may be hard to believe, looking at how happy they are now as a couple, but there was a time when all the "Love Me Now" singer wanted was to be alone.

Apparently, that was a time when the 38-year old singer was on tour and he was feeling really stressed and busy. In an interview with The Guardian, Legend admitted that he tried to break up with Teigen but the supermodel handled it like a pro. Instead of freaking out or throwing a hissy fit, Chrissy talked him out of the breakup.

Single for half an hour

John Legend hilariously recalled that the "breakup" may have lasted for only half an hour. Chrissy Teigen's persuasive skills were clearly very brilliant and he realized that he didn't actually want to break up.

Instead, what he needed was some good old rest and relaxation, away from the stress that the tour has given him.

As expected, Chrissy took to social media to air her side of the story. She posted on her Twitter account that when John told her that he wanted to breakup, she simply said "no" because she knew that he was just being a whiny face due to the stress of the tour.

The story of their botched breakup was first revealed by Teigen in an interview with Cosmopolitan in December 2016. However, the issue seems to have been reignited once again, with John Legend revealing his own side of the story.

Trying to be better for each other

Fans of Teigen and Legend seem to all agree on one thing, and that is they are one of the cutest celebrity couples that can be easily tagged as #relationshipgoals.

Now that baby Luna is already around, they are not only a happy couple, but they are playing the roles of parents as well.

Having a baby wasn't really an easy journey for them, as Teigen has admitted that they have been trying to have a baby for years. Eventually, they decided to try in-vitro fertilization and that was when Luna was conceived. Legend shared that Teigen and Luna make him want to be a better man each day.