Danielle Mullins is on this season of "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" Her ex Mohamed has accused her of more than one thing on the show and now The Hollywood Gossip was able to figure out some of what he is talking about. It turns out that Danielle has a bit of a Criminal History that everyone didn't know about already.

Reddit users uncover the truth about Danielle

A user on Reddit was able to uncover the truth about Danielle's past. Mohamed has brought it up on the show a few times, but the details never came out. Now, it turns out that Danielle has been in trouble with the law.

He said something about her writing a bad check and also using someone else's credit card. He also said something about her using his credit cards and even making a fake one in his name.

Danielle's criminal history is all stuff from back in 2005. One was driving without a seatbelt, which isn't a big deal at all. The other stuff she got in trouble for was a bit more serious though. The things listed are forgery and theft of a credit card. These things are probably not something Danielle wants the world to know about her.

Danielle shares her thoughts

As of right now, Danielle isn't saying a word about her thoughts on the show. She did write on Facebook something about it, though.She said, "Yes, I used someone’s credit card and it was a mistake.

Yes, in the beginning I was charged with [four] or [five] felonies... This happened in 2005 and I regret it and I paid my restitution, courts costs, and served probation." It sounds like Danielle did her time and paid for her crime, but that doesn't mean that everyone trusts her now.

This also causes some confusion because Mohamed made it sound like part of what she did was to him.

If that was true, then it wouldn't have been back in 2005. Maybe he didn't file charges against her or anything or maybe he was just talking about things that she did in the past. It is obvious that Mohamed and Danielle don't like each other at all anymore.

Now Danielle has a new boyfriend and Mohamed has moved on. He seems to still be in the United States, though.

These two are a big mess and hopefully, after this season of the show is done, they will finally move on from each other. Their story line can be interesting, but it isn't a love story at all.

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