Fans of "90 Day Fiancé" know Mohamed Jbali as the scheming Tunisian who wormed his way into Danielle Mullins' heart and then left her high and dry after she fell madly in love with him. Rumors that the star had been deported started after he seemingly disappeared from social media. His Twitter account mysteriously fell silent, his Instagram went private, and his Facebook fan page was converted into a page about Troll Dolls. This made many fans wonder if the Tunisian reality TV star had been deported from the United States.

Danielle wanted an annulment

Mohamed Jbali and his ex, Danielle Mullins refused to see eye-to-eye after the pair decided to call it quits. Danielle was convinced that Mohamed had been cheating on her during their short marriage, especially since the pair did not engage in sexual activity as much as Danielle would have liked. Instead, she says, they only had sex one time three months into their marriage.

Danielle wanted an annulment of their marriage because it would guarantee that her former husband would be deported straight back to his home country of Tunisia. If they got a divorce, there was still a chance he could remain in the United States with his Green Card and continue to work. However, Danielle's legal liaison let her know that it was not possible to grant an annulment because the reality star didn't have reason to do so.

The pair had also consummated their marriage at least once, which meant that they could not simply legally say the marriage never took place.

Where is Mohamed Jbali?

Mohamed Jbali has, unfortunately for him and fortunately for Danielle, made his way back to Tunisia. The former reality star, however, claims that this is not because he was deported, but that he voluntarily decided to return to his home country.

The pair's divorce hearing will air next week on "90 Day Fiancé," however, Mohammed already livestreamed the entire event on Facebook Live in order to ensure that his side of the story got out there. It is unclear if the judge was upset at his decision to use social media as a witness in his court proceedings, or if there was no issue with it.

According to Mohamed, he and Danielle ended up getting a divorce without fighting and he ended up deciding that it was high time he headed back to his native Tunisia.

"We didn’t talk about any single thing in the courthouse - we just agreed to pay whatever we have bills together and that’s it," he said.