Whether or not two people have had sex is typically none of anyone's business. However, for "90 Day Fiance" stars danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali, it actually does make a world of difference.

Danielle Mullins is dead set on having her ex return to Tunisia, but a simple divorce doesn't necessarily mean she will get her way. Instead, Danielle is hoping that the pair can have their marriage annulled, although her legal liaison isn't quite convinced she will be able to do so.

Why their sex life matters

Danielle Mullins told her lawyer she wanted to get an annulment for her marriage to Mohamed, which meant that legally the pair were never married in the first place.

This would mean immediate departure of Mohamed to his home country of Tunisia, which is exactly what Danielle is hoping for. Not only did Mohamed leave Danielle, but he went to Miami to be with another woman, though the relationship was predictably short lived.

The legal liaison told Danielle that she needed a legal reason to get an annulment from Mohamed, and she stated that he had committed fraud. According to the legal liaison, this isn't enough to grant a full on annulment, and she pried into whether or not she and Mohamed had ever had sex. If the marriage had never been consummated, the pair could actually dissolve the marriage and Danielle could send him packing.

Did they or didn't they?

According to Danielle Mullins, she and Mohamed actually did have sex, but only one time and three months into their relationship. She often complained about his lack of interest in his "husbandly duties," though he also complained that his wife suffered from severe body odor. Clearly, the pair were not a match made in heaven.

It is unclear whether or not Mohamed knew what he was doing and decided to have sex with Danielle one time in order to ensure that she couldn't get an annulment, or he just did it one time and decided he was no longer interested.

Mohamed flew off the radar for a while earlier this year. That made some fans of "90 Day Fiance" wonder if the star had, in fact, been deported to his native country.

Unfortunately for Danielle, and those who are not his fans, he went to an undisclosed location and sold off some of his social media. His Facebook, for example, is now run by someone who seems to really like Troll Dolls.

However, he has been appearing on "90 Day Fiance" and working as a driver, hoping that he can get a divorce instead of an annulment. Meanwhile, Danielle Mullins has moved on completely from her ex.