X-Filesseason 11 spoilers reveal Dana Scully (played by Gillian Anderson) is going to be in Bad Shape. The new season is also rumored to begin and end with a mythology plot.

Scully is in bad shape?

The fans of the FBI themed series might get worried when the upcoming Season 11 returns. A new report teases that the beloved character, Scully, is in danger. TVLine spoiler Aurelio says Scully would most likely be in bad shape. However, he could not specify the details of the challenges that the lead star would engage in.

Moreover, the publication also noted that rumors are circulating that the new season would be similar to the revival last year.

Season 11 is expected to feature deep mythology episodes at the start and end of the series. The creator of the series, Chris Carter, is also the writer of the premiere and finale episodes. This could justify the mythology style of the two specified episodes as it also reflects the creator’s original theme for the show.

This theory could relate to the response of David Duchovny (playing the role of Fox Mulder) when IGN asked the actor about this mythology plot, from the Comic-Con interview. The lead actor said he believes that is the expected method to do the series.

Details of the new season

It seems that “X-FilesSeason 11 has a lot of people returning to the show. The series announced that Mitch Pileggi is recurring the role of Walter Skinner, FBI’s assistant director and ally of the lead stars, Mulder and Scully.

In the writer’s room, several names were reported to return as well. There are seven brilliant people in the pool of writers for this season. The series creator is going back to writing scripts for the first and last episodes. Darin Morgan, who also wrote an episode last season, is returning as well.

Aside from Morgan, there are also other writers from Season 10 who were asked to write again for Season 11.

James Wong and Glen Morgan are reportedly back as well. Some assistants from the previous seasons were also invited to do some episodes for the upcoming season. The series creator’s assistant, Brad Follmer is now part of the writers’ pool.

The series promoted two other assistant writers to assume scripts of some episodes. Gabe Rotter (from Season 9) and Benjamin Van Allen (from the previous season) are now writing for the new season.

About scripts, Duchovny revealed from his Comic-Con interview that he was chasing Carter for a copy. However, the creator still does not give his lead actor any copy.

The “X-FilesSeason 11 has ten episodes. The actor mentioned that Carter appears to be satisfied with the main plot of the new season. The lead star believes that the upcoming season is better than the previous one. He explained that he trusts the series creator has done a great storyline, considering his impressive track record.

The next season of “X-Files” is expected to premiere this year. Fox is still keeping the premiere date confidential as of press time.